5 things the Warriors must fix to counter Boston Celtics in Game 2 of 2022 NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors looked pretty comfortable till the fourth quarter dominating in the match 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals. It all happened in that fourth quarter where the Boston outscored Golden State in a margin of 40-16, taking the whole game.

Jaylen Brown alone took over the fourth quarter and the entire match from Tatum and Boston who looked dominant primarily at both ends, and this method of destruction particularly left the Warriors shook. Beside Brown, Al Horford puts up 26 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists to help the Celtics upset the Warriors in Game 1.

Here are five takeaways for the Warriors to counter Celtics from the 120-108 Game 1 losing:

1. Warriors with the Experience

Year Finals appearance Result Opponent
2015 7 4-2 W Cleveland Cavaliers
2016 8 4-3 L Cleveland Cavaliers
2017 9 4-1 W Cleveland Cavaliers
2018 10 4-0 W Cleveland Cavaliers
2019 11 4-2 L Toronto Raptors
2022 12   Boston Celtics

Golden State Warriors are playing for the sixth time in the Finals since the 2015 NBA Finals. The Dubs appearing in the NBA Finals six times in the last 8 seasons is a shared record held by them and the Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan played.

Among the previous five Finals they played, the Dubs were also Champion three of the times. This comparison of experience in terms of playing the finals and winning championship keeping them ahead of the Boston Celtics.

This is also an opportunity for the Warriors to take the revenge for the defeat in the 1964 Finals, where Boston took the title winning by 4-1.

2. More working on the Glass

Warriors were definitely better than any of the teams in the glass, they were not bad also in the game 1 of the Finals, but all they need to take care of is that, they need to be a little more aggressive in the glass because it’s the Finals. 

Although Steph Curry was extra ordinary in the match scoring 34 points with 5 rebound and 5 assists, he probably lacked a little bit of company from Draymond Green in the attack with 0 three pointers.

3. Defense is a very Big Issue   

The Warriors’ defense was the best in this season, in the Finals they are continuing their legacy, but it was the fourth quarter they lost control of the game maybe. They need to be careful of their defense till they end the game.

Draymond Green, Kevon Looney and Andrew Wiggins must flash up their defensive instrument as against Jayson Tatum to stop his three pointers and Jaylen Brown’s doubles with the dribbles.

4. Warriors Must Catch-up Restless Celtics

Warriors reached to the Finals convincingly sweeping away the Dallas Mavericks by 5-0 mark, whereas the Celtics faced some heated defense from the Miami Heat, Heat took the Celtics to play game 7 to reach here in the Finals.

The Celtics arrived here with little rest, facing the Dubs who were unbated to reach to the Finals. Warriors is the first team to reach into the Finals being unbeaten and get slapped by the Boston.

Boston Celtics had a little chance of rest with their back to back games, however the Dubs were unable to take the advantage from them, but hopefully they’re planning to comeback in the next game strongly enough to keep the race of winning titles.

5. All’s Well that Ends Well

The Boston Celtics is the first team to win a Finals game by double digits after trailing by double digits to start the fourth quarter, this shows that how the Warriors were dominating the game.

But Warriors lost was all about that fourth quarter. Brown took over from Tatum and Boston was emphatically dominant at both ends, and this method of destruction particularly left the Warriors shook and that is by a margin of 40-16.

Brown with his three pointers at the end actually snatched the game from the Dubs, Warriors were not looking so bad before this point of the game. What may be the cause? is it the Warriors comfortability at the end? what might influence them to relax with the lead?

Forget everything, they must have learnt a lesson from the feat that All’s well that ends well. This is NBA Finals and you must take care of the game from the very beginning to the very last if you want to be the champion.

Who better knows it then the Warriors? Playing for the sixth time in last eight Finals and heading to win the fourth one hopefully they’re coming out of their mistakes strongly in the second game.


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