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Write for Us

Love the NBA, NFL, WWE, Soccer, UFC and the entire world of Sports? Enjoy writing? Want to join the Sportszion network the most prolific sports site, have a worldwide platform to share your views and get paid to do it? Sportszion.com is for you!


Sportszion is the ultimate home for fans, provides expert analysis, entertaining facts, sports rules, regulations, trivia and the history about the world of sports, that is committed to giving fans the best experience possible. At Sportszion, we believe in bringing fun and entertaining environment to sports fans all around the world. Our goal is to cover the Sports in the best way we can and to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the game that they love. You can cover your favorite NBA, NFL, Soccer team for under the NBA, NFL, Soccer categories and get paid to do it. You have an opportunity to write on your favorite WWE Wrestlers.

Our writers craft their own headlines and work at their own leisure. That freedom is priceless and makes the sportswriting journey that much more enjoyable.


  • Working-level knowledge of the NBA, NFL, Soccer, WWE (expert-level preferred)
  • Strong grasp of the basic tenets of writing for an online sports audience (SEO, social media, audience targeting, etc)
  • A true passion for writing and the game of NBA, NFL, WWE, Soccer
  • Willingness to think outside the box, putting an original spin on every piece created
  • Ability to write a minimum of two original pieces per week

We will be very happy if you contribute content to sportszion. Please feel free to email us: [email protected]