Why Patrick Mahomes shouts before the snap? Explaining the use of cadence by NFL QBs

In the NFL ‘snap’ refers to the passing of the ball backward and giving a signal that the play has begun. And most of the time, the quarterbacks of the offense who makes the snap are heard to call out something just before snapping the ball.

Many NFL fans are curious to know what is it that the quarterbacks yell during the game. So, let’s decode the secret word shouted by the Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes during the snap.

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What is the ‘Cadence’ in NFL?

Cadence in football has a special meaning. It refers to the combination of words and numbers spoken by the quarterback during the game when all payers stand in their respective position.

The cadence number gets changed frequently and even during an ongoing match, it can change several times. This set of words does more than just signal the beginning of a game because players most of the time use it to communicate with each other concerning their strategies.

Furthermore, it is important to change them so that the opposing team can’t trace their secret messages.

What Patrick Mahomes says before the snap?

There have many speculations over what the Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes says before a snap. Furthermore, the majority of the speculations hinted towards ‘White 80’ and ‘Blue 80’ as his cadence.

Why do quarterbacks say ‘White 80’ and ‘Blue 80’?

White 80 means ‘Let’s go’ and it is used by the quarterbacks to give signals of a game’s initiation. While Blue 80 is used to refer to an upcoming deep, solid pass aiming to provide a signal to the receivers to get prepared for the catch.

At the end of the day, it is a team’s united efforts and execution of their strategies that usually play a bigger role in determining who will snatch away the glory of victory. And in that race, the Kansas City Chiefs look to be far ahead resting a lot on the mighty shoulder of its QB Mahomes.

What makes the Chiefs a dominant team in NFL in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comment sections.

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