Shannon Sharpe boldly suggests Jets to pursue Tom Brady with $25 million offer after Aaron Rodgers’ injury

The Jets worked so hard this offseason to improve their roster. They signed many talented players including the Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers. With all the right moves made in the offseason, the team stepped into the regular season with full confidence and optimism.

However, their first game turned everything upside down for the team. Aaron Rodgers got injured after playing for just one minute and now the team is without a starting quarterback. Amid this situation, Shannon Sharpe, the sports pundit has given very weird advice to the Jets. 

Jets urged to make a call to Tom Brady by Shannon Sharpe

Now that the Jets are without Aaron Rodgers, the team is in utter disappointment. The star wide receiver of the team, Garrett Wilson also shared that Rodgers’ absence broke everyone’s heart

During this hard time, different NFL personalities and sports analysts are giving the Jets advice on how they can handle this situation. But Shannon Sharpe gave a very intriguing piece of advice that got everyone’s attention. 

Shannon believes that the team should consider reaching out to Tom Brady, a highly accomplished former NFL quarterback. He thinks that Brady could be a valuable addition to the Jets’ roster. 

“I’m calling Tom Brady. Seriously, I am going to put a call into Tom Brady,” Shannon said on First Take.


Shannon emphasized that he is well aware of the other options the Jets have but he believes that Brady can only be a good option for the team.

“All these other guys, I understand that. (Carson) Wentz is available and Nick Foles is available and maybe you can get Matt Ryan to come up out of the booth, CBS. I’m calling Tom.”

He even mentioned putting a $25 million offer on the table for Brady. “Tom, seriously, we got 25 mill on the table for you. Can you come give us something?”

However, this deal is impossible for two solid reasons. First, the Jets have been Tom Brady’s longtime rivals, and second, Brady is retired now, and he has made it clear that he’ll not return to the NFL as a player. So, the team will need to figure out some other solution for this problem. 

Jets suffer QB dilemma after Rodgers season-ending injury 

Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of the Jets, made his debut on Monday night. He played for only one minute against the Buffalo Bills and got his leg injured.

On Tuesday, the coach of the team announced that after suffering an Achilles injury, Aaron Rodgers won’t be able to play this season. 


Now that Rodgers is out, the team is left with one quarterback option on their roster which is Zach Wilson. Considering his performance in the last season, the team doesn’t have lots of expectations from him.

According to some sources, the team is trying to reach out to the free agent veterans to sign a quarterback among them. However, the team hasn’t shared any information yet. 

The Jets need to fix their quarterback dilemma before their next regular season game. While considering the Tom Brady option seems impossible, they would try to find some other talented quarterback who can replace Rodgers and help the team maintain the momentum that they had with Rodgers.

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