Despite making contentious remarks on women, UFC champ Sean Strickland labels Andrew Tate “con artist” for misleading young men

Sean Strickland is the undisputed middleweight champion of the UFC after dismantling dominant champion, Israel Adesanya. Strickland’s views and remarks have incited a response from woke media for being misogynistic, homophobic, and sensitive.

Even though his views and remarks seem similar to those of the controversial Andrew Tate, the middleweight champion has no love for the former kickboxer. Strickland deems Tate to be everything wrong with society.

Sean Strickland slams Andrew Tate

The middleweight champion was a guest on the Fullsend Podcast before he was the champion. In the podcast, Strickland was very harsh on the youth of the twentieth century for being morally corrupt. Steiny, one of the hosts of the podcast, was particularly targeted by the then-title challenger.

Sean Strickland

Strickland was incredibly harsh on Andrew Tate, the notorious internet celebrity who was recently arrested for criminal charges in Romania. Tate’s experience as a guy handling Only Fans seemed to bother the American middleweight. Even though Strickland is controversial for his own views, he genuinely believes in the ideals of the founding fathers of the USA. The middleweight champion believes in conservative values being upheld and sees their decline in parallel with the moral decline of society.

Andrew Tate’s handling of Only Fan’s account of webcam girls is morally wrong. In the podcast, it was clarified that it is most likely a male member who handles the top Only Fans accounts. This means that the client is not talking to the model but to an unknown male. Tate was recently arrested and jailed along with his brother, Tristan. It was later turned into house arrest and is now under judicial control.

Sean Strickland’s controversial statement on women

Sean Strickland’s comments related to women have been making the rounds on the internet. Strickland believes that one reason for moral decay is the lack of women in the workforce. The middleweight champion believes that inflation forced both parents to work for the family, leaving the children to grow up on their own.

Sean Strickland

In the pre-fight press conference preluding to UFC 293, Strickland was hoping for a politician to come forward and say that women belong in the kitchen. The middleweight champion cited the 1950s as when he believed that American values were upheld. Strickland’s views on masculinity have been at odds with woke media and he has faced the full brunt of the woke media.

Strickland recently met Pearl Davis, popularly known as the female Andrew Tate. Davis is known for her outspoken statement that women should not vote. She was a guest on the YouTube podcast of Sean Strickland with Chris Curtis. Like Strickland, Davis is also a proponent of conservative values.

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