“Hit a pregnant woman”: Sean Strickland fires shots at UFC champion Jon Jones 

Sean Strickland is never shy when it comes to sharing his opinions on any matter. Strickland has previously made multiple controversial comments on women, the LGBTQ community, and even NAVY Seal officials. Recently, Sean Strickland took aim at Jon Jones, emphasizing several violent attacks on UFC heavyweight champions.

Strickland will be fighting Paulo Costa at UFC 302. However, this did not stop the former middleweight champion from taking a sly dig at Jon Jones. Jon Jones is currently waiting to recover and make his comeback against Stipe Miocic. An injury to Jones caused a delay in his fight with Miocic. Strickland shared his thoughts on Jones and encouraged his fans that it is absolutely alright to bash Jones due to his past actions outside the octagon. 

“You know……. it would make sense that Jon Jones is in the closet.. Addiction, violence towards women, reckless behavior. Just wait the moment Jones starts fucking his kitty/men openly he’s going to be a decent person for the first time in his life lmao I support you man,” said Strickland. 

He also added, “Let me tell you even if that wasn’t Jon Jones, he is always fair game to make fun of.. don’t feel bad Guy smacked his wife, hit a pregnant woman, negligent discharge.. Fair game, you can’t go hard enough on that man, enjoy lmao Goodnight lol.”

Looking at Jon Jones’s violent past outside the octagon 

Jon Jones is one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. However, almost everyone criticizes the heavyweight champion for his behavior and criminal history outside the UFC.

Jon Jones
Jon Jones (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

In 2019, a waitress accused Jones of striking and abusing her, leading to charges of violence. Jones pleaded not guilty to the crime and received 90 days of probation. 

In 2021, officers responded to a domestic violence call and detained Jones. A police report states that Jones’ daughter requested police intervention after Jones locked his wife outside of their hotel room following a heated altercation. 

Jon Jones clearly does not have the best reputation with the law. However, Sean Strickland must be focused on his next opponent if he is not willing to change divisions and get inside the octagon against Jon Jones. 

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