Sean O’Malley tattoos: meaning, number, location & dedication

UFC Bantamweight star Sean O’Malley, 27, otherwise known as Sugar Show, which he inherited from his early life coach in Montana really proves his unique fighting actions and kickboxing skills.

The knock-out artist is also renowned for adopting unique and iconic tattoos around his body and became a fan favorite in the Ultimate Fighting Championship arena.   

How many tattoos does Sean have?

As a great enthusiast of body art, O’Malley offers the spectators a clear look at his body during the fights, and reports show that he has 14 permanent tattoos on different parts of his figure.

Where are Sean O’Malley’s tattoos?

Sean O’Malley tattoos can be seen on several parts of his athletic body and notably on his eye brows, fore heads, left rib, left arm, both biceps, left forearm, left side of stomach, upper back left side, right hand’s finger, middle of chest and many other places.

Fans also occasionally get amused to see these tattoos in colorful shapes during his fighting.  

What do all of O’Malley’s tattoos mean?

Sean O’Malley never disappoints his spectators with usual body arts and therefore he tries to attract them through quirky tattoos implemented around his body.

Now, let’s have a look at how wicked O’Malley’s tattoos are: 

Word tattoo: Near his hairline, a word is tattooed on the left side of Sean’s forehead which can only be seen if his hair is brushed backwards.

Word Tattoo

Suga Tattoo: Just above his right eyebrow, the famous kickboxer Sean has inscribed the word “SUGA” on his face which is apparently his nickname given by one of his former mentors.

Suga Tattoo

Akiata tattoo: The name “Akiata” is inked on the left side of Sean O’Malley’s torso but mystery remained around this special name as of today.

Akiata Tattoo

Bicep tattoo: Sean has the words “Only God” written on his right bicep and “Can Judge Me” on his left and these words are obscured by a lengthy drawn line on his left bicep that runs in unpredictable patterns.

Bicep tattoo

Arm tattoo: A massive tattoo of green designs with green masks connected by dark green vines with red and blueberry covers Sean O’Malley’s whole left upper arm and shoulder.

Arm Tattoo

Design tattoo: Sean has many tattoos on the inside of his left forearm, including a sun, a horseshoe, a hat, spectacles, and a rainbow-emitting sun and the pattern on his upper arm extends down the top side of his forearm.

Design Tattoo

‘Butterfly and Bee’ Tattoo: The legendary English phrase “Float like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee” is inked on the right side of Sean O’Malley’s physique.

Butterfly & Bee tattoo

Flower Tattoo: O’Malley has a tattoo of a flower on the outside of his right forearm and there is a tattoo of a hand reaching out to the flower just below it while holding a snake that is wrapped around its wrist.

Flower Tattoo

Family Tattoo: The word “FAMILY” is permanently inked on the inside of Sean’s right forearm.

Family Tattoo

Crest Tattoo: Sean O’Malley has a tattoo of a ‘Family Crest’ with a wild boar in the center on the left side of his upper back.

Crest Tattoo

Footsteps Tattoo: Two baby steps are inked on the left side of his tummy and the first word “Brighton” is tattooed, and then the second phrase “Oakly” is inscribed, moreover, the two footstep tattoos, close to his waist contains the name “O’Malley.”

Footsteps Tattoo

Name & Ribbon Tattoo: O’Malley’s upper back’s left side bears a tattoo of a flag around two green icons on which his last name, “O’Malley,” is written on the flag and also he has a tattoo of a looped ribbon with a boxing glove dangling from each end on the back of his right arm.

Name & Ribbon Tattoo

Free Tattoo: On the fingers of Sean’s right hand, few tattoos of the letters that together form the word “FREE” can be seen from the outside. 

Free Tattoo

Owl Tattoo: In the center of this UFC fighter’s chest, a tattoo of an owl with its wings outstretched and covered in complex patterns and has a striking color palette.

Owl Tattoo

Whom is he dedicated to?

Sean O’Malley tattoos reflect significant meanings and dedications like, his ‘Owl Tattoo‘ depicts a sign of knowledge and change; again, the star’s ‘Free tattoo’ symbolizes his free nature and damn care attitude.

Another symbolic body art of Sean is his ‘Family tattoo’ which he dedicated to all of his family members and then he especially imprinted few ‘Footsteps tattoo’ which include three names Oakly, Brighton & O’Malley that symbolizes two kids’ names and his surname.

Suga’s eternal quest for glory in the UFC tournament reflected on his ‘Butterfly and Bee tattoo’ which described his undefeated record of 12-0.

Sean O’Malley inked a very special piece of art on his right eyebrow which says ‘Suga’ that depicts his one and only nickname as of today.

Who is tattooed on Sean O’Malley?

Sean O’Malley tattoos are as impressive as his personality, however, speculations are spreading that famous American rapper Daniel Hernandez formerly known as Tekashi69, is responsible for inking on O’Malley. Though, Sean never disclosed the real identity of his tattoo artist until today.

Daniel Hernandez with Sean O’Malley

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