“You cannot be drunk on your own ego”: Michael Bisping’s stern warning to Michael Chandler for Conor McGregor UFC 303 fight

After much anticipation and speculation, Michael Chandler will finally have his chance to prove himself at UFC 303. The road to this fight has been filled with uncertainty and debate, but Chandler’s persistence has paid off.

Following a three-year break, the renowned Irish fighter is set to make a comeback in the octagon. Conor McGregor is set to face off against Michael Chandler in the highly anticipated main event of UFC 303, scheduled for June 29.

UFC commentator Michael Bisping has delivered a cautionary message to Michael Chandler in anticipation of his upcoming clash with Conor McGregor. During a recent interview, Chandler expressed optimism that his punches pack a stronger punch than his Irish counterpart.

Michael Bisping pointed out that Chandler is both a skilled fighter and an entertainer. “So which is it? You cannot be drunk on your own ego. Michael Chandler is an entertainer, whether it’s in the ring, whether it’s in the post-fight interviews, or the fights themselves, the man is a born entertainer,” Bisping said in the YouTube video.

Bisping advised Chandler to check out his WWE chances. He continued that Chandler always fights with tremendous vigor and that he shows up regardless of the result. The UFC has two of its most exciting battles against Justin Gaethje and Dustin Poirier, for which Chandler showed up.

It seems that Bisping is eagerly anticipating the Conor McGregor fight. However, he also emphasized the importance of Chandler showing respect for McGregor and acknowledging the potential threat he poses.

Michael Chandler responds to criticism for Conor McGregor fight

Michael Chandler has responded to those who have been critical of his lack of activity in recent years, as he prepares for a highly anticipated fight with Conor McGregor that could define his legacy.

At the age of 38, Michael Chandler has faced criticism for supposedly wasting his prime years waiting for Conor McGregor. However, with the superfight now set for June, Chandler is not holding back in his response to accusations of ‘inactivity’.

During a live Q&A session on The Mac Life’s YouTube channel, Chandler was questioned about the criticism directed towards him.

Some people argued that he should have been more involved in the fight scene after his 2022 match against Dustin Poirier, instead of waiting for the lucrative opportunity to face McGregor and the highly anticipated ‘Red Panty Night’ payday.

“Yeah, I would have, and guess what? It wouldn’t have been as big as this one. People can talk about waiting and wasting your prime [years], They want to talk about ‘you’re doing this and doing that’, but you ain’t me and I ain’t you—I’m running my own race,” Chandler replied.

So, do you think Chandler wasted his time waiting for Conor McGregor?

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