“Not even man enough”: Israel Adesanya lands brutal jibe on Bradley Martyn

Israel Adesanya is well-versed in multiple martial arts forms. He is a former Glory middleweight title challenger and ex-UFC champion. He is not someone you would like to mess with in real life.

In a recent interview with Demetrious Johnson, Israel Adesanya revealed the story of meeting YouTuber Bardley Martyn at Jake Paul’s house. Bardley Martyn is a social media fitness influencer and podcast host on YouTube. Martyn occasionally challenges professional fighters to a street fight, claiming that he can beat them.

“When Jake Paul fought Nate Robinson, I commented on that fight and Mike Tyson fought Roy Jones… Meet Jake Paul at the hotel. He invites me to his house and it’s crazy,” Izzy said about his first encounter with Bardley Martyn.

He then added, “For me personally, some people are not even man enough to watch the jocks we fight with; yeah, they are not even man enough or worthy enough to step in a ring or in a cage with us.” 

Furthermore, Martyn has previously challenged Nate Diaz, Sean O’Malley, Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera and many other professional fighters on his podcast. Despite having no background in MMA, Bardley Martyn is confident that he can take down some of the best fighters in the world in a street fight.

Israel Adesanya talks about life after UFC career

Israel Adesanya has made a lot of money throughout his UFC career. Izzy also claims that he was the highest-paid fighter while he was in China, earning a whopping six-figure salary. Besides that, Izzy has a very successful YouTube channel called “Freestylebender,” and along with his family, he is working on multiple housing projects.

In the fighting business, it is very difficult to have a long career because one injury can ruin your life. It is wise to invest the money in something that will set you up for life. Izzy is one of the fighters who has built his life outside the octagon into business and several other projects. 

“Everything I do is for my future wife and my future kids. I want to set this up so when I am done, I can be in my kids’ lives,” said Israel Adesanya.

Izzy’s UFC career is far from over right now. He is currently in the mix to get a title shot against Drisu Du Plessis. It will be very interesting to see what happens next in his career and life outside of the UFC.

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