Jiri Prochazka hints at UFC division switch ahead of heavyweight title rematch with Alex Pereira

Jiri Prochazka has returned with a thrilling performance, delivering an intense battle for fans at UFC 300 against Aleksandar Rakić. In a tough fight, he has beaten the ranked-five lightweight. The Czech knockout artist has raised the level of fans’ curiosity by announcing his move to the middleweight category.

Speaking alongside his coaches through his official YouTube channel, when questioned about the possibility of transitioning to the heavyweight division in the future, Prochazka expressed that a move is indeed being considered, but not in an upward direction.

“Rather than heavyweight, I thought I’d try middleweight because of the way I feel my metabolism now and the way my body works in preparation,” said the Czech Samurai.

However, the 31-year-old also clarified that the sudden change would only occur once he had exacted his satisfying reprisal. Clearly, Prochazka is determined to seek revenge against the individual who handed him his first loss in eight years, Alex Pereira.

Jiri Prochazka desires Alex Pereira title rematch as soon as possible

Jiri Prochazka emerged victorious in the light heavyweight championship bout against Glover Teixeira in 2022. Unfortunately, due to an injury, he had to relinquish the title. In his comeback fight last year, he faced Alex Pereira, a close associate of Teixeira, but fell short of victory.

Ever since that time, Prochazka has expressed his desire for a rematch with Pereira. He has made it clear that his motivation for this rematch is not driven by a desire for revenge but rather by a determination to show that he is better.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani on his podcast ‘The MMA Hour’, Prochazka expressed his mindset, saying he’s prepared to face Alex Pereira at UFC 301.

With just six days of training and health issues, Prochazka bravely faced one of the world’s best kickboxers. Despite losing, he believes he will win Pereira’s championship and redemption this time.

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