Where is Conor McGregor’s gym? Exploring where ‘The Notorious’ trains

Conor McGregor is preparing for his highly anticipated return to the UFC, where he will face Michael Chandler. He has been away for a while due to an injury he sustained in his previous match. There’s no denying that hitting the gym is a fantastic way to get in shape, and Conor is all set with Ireland’s best training facility.

Head instructor John Kavanagh, the founder of SBG (Straight Blast Gym) in Dublin, Ireland, helps Conor McGregor improve his talents. McGregor has been with SBG since his boxing career began. Thus, the famous gym shaped the UFC star’s career.

However, prior to his UFC fights, ‘Notorious’ typically avoids training at the Dublin-based gym. Instead, McGregor chooses to relocate his training camp to a nearby area in proximity to the fight venue. For his UFC 303 bout vs. Michael Chandler, he is seen training from his backyard gym.

On Thursday, ‘Notorious’ shared 10 images on Instagram, offering his 47.5 million followers a sneak peek into his upcoming projects before his fight in Las Vegas this summer.

Upon joining SBG in Dublin, Conor McGregor initially had doubts about his future in MMA. Only after securing the Cage Warriors featherweight belt did McGregor fully commit to pursuing his ultimate goal of becoming a UFC champion in the future.

How can one get a body like Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor is not only in great shape, but he is undeniably a force to be reckoned with. He not only possesses incredible skills in MMA, but he also stepped into the boxing ring to face off against the legendary Floyd Mayweather, even though boxing is not his usual fighting style.

McGregor possesses a lean and agile physique, showcasing impressive speed and athleticism without being overly bulky or large. His unique approach to training focuses on incorporating dynamic movements, setting him apart from other UFC fighters.

Conor McGregor’s workout routine consists of a variety of exercises that help him stay in top shape. These include pushups, pullups, callisthenic movements, explosive movements, gymnastics work, and martial arts.

Conor McGregor via Getty Images

However, Conor’s exercise routine lacks consistency. It’s a fantastic benefit, though, as it keeps his body constantly on its toes. Training becomes more of a challenge while also providing an enjoyable experience.

If you’re someone who wants to increase muscle mass, incorporating weightlifting into your routine is essential. If you’re currently aiming to slim down and achieve a more toned physique, it’s important to consume fewer calories than you burn and incorporate high-intensity workouts into your routine.

The most important aspect that determines how shredded, slim, and attractive you can become is your diet. It’s worth noting that Conor McGregor is fortunate to have some of the most talented coaches in the world supporting him.

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