Michael Chandler drops his confident prediction ahead of Conor McGregor UFC 303 clash: “He’ll know after the first round”

According to Michael Chandler, it is highly likely that Conor McGregor’s last appearance in MMA will be at UFC 303. Chandler has expressed his strong desire to face Conor McGregor, stating his reasons for deserving the opportunity to welcome the Irishman back into the octagon. Chandler and McGregor have been connected since early 2023, when the UFC revealed the fight between the two. The fight now has a confirmed date and location.

In a recent interview, Michael Chandler said, “I like the idea of picking up Conor and putting them down. I also like the idea of making good on the promise of knocking him out in the second round with my hands. I think from the first exchange, Conor will second guess himself.”

Chandler believes that the upcoming fight will go down as one of the most significant in UFC history. He plans to use this opportunity to make a powerful statement and potentially bring an end to McGregor’s career. “This is going to be the biggest fight of the last five years,” Chandler expressed during a recent Q&A session on Instagram.

Mark your calendars for June 29 and make sure to get your hands on the pay-per-view. One of the most well-known athletes in the field of combat sports could lead an epic comeback at this event, making it a historic occasion.

Michael Chandler called out Conor McGregor on WWE

Before their fight was scheduled, Michael Chandler made a public effort to persuade Conor McGregor to return to the octagon. During a recent episode of ‘Monday Night RAW,’ the UFC and WWE collaborated, thanks to their shared affiliation with the TKO Group Holding banner.

With a microphone in hand during the breaks, Chandler passionately called out McGregor, echoing a previous promo he delivered after a spectacular knockout of Tony Ferguson at UFC 274.

So, Which fighter is more likely to emerge victorious in the Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler bout? Share your thoughts below.

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