Greenfly extends partnership with NBA in a multi-year deal

Greenfly has firmed its role as an essential partner for the NBA. They’ve signed a new agreement that will last several years and cover many services. This means they’ll work even more closely with the NBA to improve how content is created and shared.

Greenfly, a company that helps with digital content, has worked with the NBA for many years and has extended the partnership for more years. This partnership aims to improve the NBA’s online and social media presence.

They want to make sharing videos, pictures, and other digital media easier on the NBA’s websites and social media accounts content across the NBA, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), G League, a minor league organization of the NBA, and the NBA Academy Africa.

This means NBA teams, players, and partners can quickly share cool stuff with fans on websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The NBA hopes this partnership will help them connect better with fans and get more people interested in their online content. The company also wants to help other sports groups do the same with their fans.

Greenfly CEO hails partnership as turning point

After the official press release of the extension, Daniel Kirschner, the CEO of Greenfly, stated, “The NBA has long established a benchmark for digital content engagement for sports leagues across the globe. Their investment is a turning point for our company because they recognize Greenfly’s importance to the sports media landscape.”

He hailed the partnership as a turning point for his company and also expressed their excitement to working towards bringing fans closer to the NBA.

What did Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner have to say?
via Greenfly

“The entire industry is looking at what the NBA is doing in short-form content and the NBA app, specifically.” One of the first leagues to truly understand that short-form digital content is an essential component of the fan experience and that we must find ways to monetize it was the NBA. There’s no better calling card for our company,” Daniel Kirschner added.

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