Houston Texans Unveil Four New Jersey Combos in Historic Uniform Update

The Houston Texans had stuck to their uniforms since the team was created. However, that’s not the case anymore as for the first time after their establishment the team has decided to change their uniforms. 

The Houston Texans unveiled four new uniform combinations. These combinations include revised home, away, alternate, and Color Rush uniforms.

The new uniforms, dubbed “H-Town Made,” incorporate a modern twist on the team’s traditional colors and design elements. The aim is to represent and honor the spirit of Houston.

One version features “updated Deep Steel Blue” coloring reminiscent of the original tone worn by the Texans in their inaugural 2002 season. It also includes a new “H-Town” label on the inside collar and “metallic flake paint” on the helmet to match the Deep Steel Blue color.

The “Liberty White” look now includes new bullhorn-inspired designs at the sleeve stripes and an updated number font. It also features a “Houston” label beneath the collar.

The “Battle Red” look stands out with a bold design, featuring a red helmet with “candy paint red flakes” and a metallic chrome facemask. It includes red jerseys and pants with a new “H-Town Blue” color accent.

After the new uniforms of the Houston Texans were revealed, the fans shared their opinions on social media.

Fan Reactions to the Houston Texans new uniform

Fans shared a mixed range of opinions about the new uniform designs of the Houston Texans. One tweet expressed unequivocal praise for the Houston Texans’ new uniforms.

“These are now officially the best uniforms in the NFL!”

Some fans expressed excitement and admiration for the striking color scheme chosen for the uniform.

“That all red is CRAZY.”

While acknowledging the improvement in the uniforms overall, some fans offered constructive criticism.

Fans specifically praised the design of the “H” logo on the helmet.

“Ok the H on the helmet is fire.”

Some fans loved the red helmet, expressing awe and approval for its design. 

Some fans suggested that the Houston Texans’ new uniforms stand out as superior compared to recent uniform updates across the NFL.

Overall, there was a very positive reaction toward the Houston Texans’ new uniforms as compared to how fans reacted to the Detroit Lions’ new uniforms.

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