Chiefs WR Rashee Rice now working with famous trainer David Robinson amid suspension rumors 

The whole NFL world was expecting the Chiefs WR Rashee Rice to be dealing with legal battles and suspension after his involvement in the six-car crash in Dallas. However, the WR is busy practicing with the top trainers.

A video went viral in which Rashee Rice can be seen practicing, doing some footwork drills, and routine running with one of the top wide receiver trainers, David Robinson.

It seems like the Chiefs are not going to suspend the WR and rather help him bounce back in the next season. Earlier the WR was spotted participating in offseason practices phase 1 of the team with the QB Patrick Mahomes.

At that time the Chiefs’ HC Andy Reid suggested he would only be there for phase 1 and nothing is confirmed about the future. But now Rice is training with David Robinson, a famous WR trainer who helped more than 50 receivers get drafted in the league.

However, it is important to note that Rashee Rice is still under investigation for his involvement in a street race that resulted in multiple injuries and a car crash.

Rashee Rice dealing with intense legal issues 

Rashee Rice, along with his friend Theodore Knox, is facing intense legal trouble stemming from a reckless driving incident in Dallas.

Rashee Rice was driving a Lamborghini Urus, reaching 119 mph shortly before the crash, while Knox was driving a Corvette, reaching 116 mph. The speeding vehicles caused a major crash on a Dallas interstate highway, involving multiple other vehicles.

Rashee Rice
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Two plaintiffs, Irina Gromova, and Edvard Petrovskiy, are seeking $1 million in relief for injuries. Reportedly they suffered brain trauma, facial lacerations, contusions, disfigurement, internal bleeding, and other injuries as a result of this crash.

Rashee Rice and Knox are facing a total of 8 charges, including aggravated assault, collision causing serious bodily injury, and collision causing injury. The plaintiffs allege that despite Rice’s status as a public figure, he engaged in reckless driving on public roads, leading to injuries to innocent people, and then left without helping the victims of the incident.

Theodore Knox, a wide receiver for SMU who was also involved in the accident, has been suspended from the team as per SI. However, Rashee Rice has not been suspended, rather actively involved in the offseason practices.

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