“You would have no chance”: Boxing fans express discontent with Jake Paul’s desire to fight in MMA after Mike Tyson bout

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding Jake Paul leading up to his highly-anticipated July 20 match against former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson.

Paul has recently shared that the Iron Mike fight at AT&T Stadium is just the beginning of his journey. The 27-year-old fighter is already considering two additional opponents for future matches after his upcoming bout with Tyson.

On a recent episode of BS w/ Jake Paul, he said, “I’m being so serious when I say I want to fight them in MMA, either Masvidal or Diaz in the PFL.”

Ever since stepping into the professional boxing ring in 2020, Paul has been on an impressive winning streak, with just one defeat against Tommy Fury. Paul has his sights set on more than just boxing. He’s expanding his horizons by venturing into MMA, having recently signed a deal with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Unfortunately, fans were disappointed with Paul’s aspirations to compete in MMA.

One fan commented, “I thought he was a boxer? Massive fraud!! Fight Diaz or Masvidal in the octagon; you would have no chance.”

Another said, “Embarrassing man says he wants to be a world champion boxer yet faces 60 year olds and wastes time in other sports, the mans a joke.”

Countless fans reminisced the moment Jake Paul expressed his ambition to become a boxing world champion.

A fan questioned Paul’s previous promise, “So, what happened to being a world champion?”

Another fan pointed out why Masvidal won’t accept his offer, “Masvidal is literally under UFC contract.”

While another fan exposed Jake Paul’s opponents’ glaring similarities, “this kid refuses to fight someone his size”.

This fan claims Jake Paul is avoiding the KSI fight.

Regardless of Jake’s potential transition to MMA, it is evident that he possessed a strong aspiration for boxing.

Jake Paul once promised to be a boxing world champion

Jake Paul is determined to achieve the title of world champion and has unwavering confidence that it will be within his grasp by the next two or three years.

Earlier last year, Paul told Sky Sports, “I want to become a world champion. I’m going to become a world champion and these fights are all just steppingstones to getting there. I’m slowly improving.”

Yet, Paul has recently made an enticing offer of $10 million to engage in an MMA match against Diaz and Masvidal. Regardless of his level of commitment to becoming a boxing world champion, it is highly unlikely that he will achieve this goal by facing Mike Tyson or seasoned veterans.

In order to achieve the status of a world champion in boxing, he must demonstrate his abilities by engaging in bouts with currently active boxers.

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