Netflix’s worst-case situation may see Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul late cancellation

Tyson is set to make a comeback and face off against Paul on July 20 at the iconic AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The fight will be streamed on Netflix, which has officially promoted the event on social media. However, there are recent reports suggesting that the fight may face uncertainty at the last minute.

According to reports, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations intends to conduct a series of unusual tests that, if ‘Iron Mike’ does not pass, may result in the fight’s cancellation. In an interview with USA Today Sports, TDLR communications manager Tela Mange said that fighters 36 or older must have good EEG and EKG findings. EEGs are used to diagnose brain diseases and EKGs are used to detect cardiac problems. Mange said: “We can also request additional testing if we think it’s appropriate.”

An attorney specializing in combat sports rules emailed the Texas Commission regarding the Mike Tyson-Jake Paul fight. The lawyer asked whether the fight was a professional match or an exhibition. However, the commission is uninformed.

Earlier in the month, Tyson confirmed that the upcoming fight would be classified as an exhibition.

He said: “This is called an exhibition, but if you look up exhibition, you will not see any of the laws that we are fighting under, this is a fight.”

Regardless of whether it’s an exhibition or not, boxing fans are waiting to see Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul. Based on the training footage, it is evident that both fighters are approaching this fight with the utmost dedication. However, one individual might have an opinion after seeing Mike Tyson’s training footage.

Mike Tyson’s old coach warns ‘Iron’ Mike after seeing his workout video

Mike Tyson’s ex-coach warned him about his fight with Jake Paul.

The 57-year-old showcased his impressive running speed on social media while sending a message to Paul.

Brad Rowe, who assisted in training Mike Tyson for his fight against Jones Jr, expressed concern for Tyson’s well-being, as he vividly remembers the experiences he had while working with the legendary former world heavyweight champion.

“He is stiff and uncoordinated in so many aspects of training. Then when he enters the ring, he turns into a ballerina. It’s unexplainable,” he said. Rowe went on to say he was worried Tyson might pull a hamstring injury.

Tyson appears to be in excellent physical condition as he prepares to make his comeback against ‘The Problem Child’. However, there are lingering worries about the fighter’s advancing age as he gears up for his upcoming summer bout.

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