“This ain’t a rinky-dink operation”: Logan Paul addresses allegation against Prime Hydration for using harmful chemicals

Logan Paul is a highly recognized figure in the current celebrity landscape, having achieved remarkable success in various endeavors. Nevertheless, as the proprietor of PRIME energy drink, he consistently faces numerous allegations.

Recently, he made the decision to address the allegations that his energy drink is contaminated and is being sued. Logan Paul’s sports drink, Prime Energy, has garnered significant attention from the FDA. The investigation centered on the drink’s high caffeine content, which was found to be equivalent to the caffeine in six cans of Coca-Cola. It is evident that the energy drink continues to make headlines for negative reasons.

Logan addressed the allegations against Prime in a recent Instagram video. The allegation suggested that Prime may contain harmful chemicals as a result of the plastic bottles used during their production process. However, Logan Paul clarified that the plastic bottles used for Prime drinks are obtained from reputable manufacturers in the United States, who also supply major beverage brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Tropicana.

He also highlighted that Prime follows the guidelines set forth in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. These regulations specifically address the requirements for PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and other plastic bottles commonly utilized in the beverage sector.

Logan Paul wrapped up the video with a warning to the content creator who initiated the accusation against Prime. Regardless of the presence of harmful chemicals in Prime, there is still one individual who strongly dislikes the hydration drink and is openly criticizing it.

Ryan Garcia continues to criticize Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration

Ryan Garcia, the American professional boxer who recently faced off against Devin Haney, expressed his disapproval of Prime Hydration.

Prior to the fight, Ryan wasted no time throwing shots at Logan Paul’s Prime, saying, “Don’t drink Prime.” Since then, KingRy has been using his social media and other platforms to strongly criticize the hydration drink.

Garcia again fired back at Logan and Prime when a fan brought up Logan and Jake’s views on Ryan’s fight, delivering another scathing blow: “Prime s**ks just like Logan’s opinion.”

Ultimately, Garcia expressed his views on Logan and his Prime business partner, KSI, during his appearance on the PBD Podcast, suggesting that they lack a clear stance and are merely puppets.

Despite Garcia’s criticism, Prime Hydration appears to be relatively unaffected following partnerships with big names such as the UFC, WWE, and big soccer teams. Nevertheless, the accusation is likely to damage Prime’s reputation, even if only slightly.

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