Colby Covington issues ‘dangerous’ warning to Mike Tyson, advising against bout with Jake Paul

One of the most popular personalities in recent UFC memory is Colby Covington. The brash and unfiltered American native is known not only for hurling brutal insults at his foes but also for defeating them in the cage.

The American MMA superstar doesn’t hesitate to throw shots at anyone he feels deserves it and doesn’t consider boundaries when dishing it out. Recently, the elite welterweight shared his thoughts on the upcoming Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson bout which has shocked the entire combat sports world.

Colby Covington hates ‘dangerous’ Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight

Covington expressed utmost distaste for the sanctioning of Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul as he feels the clash can be ‘dangerous’ for the 58-year old Mike Tyson. He said, “don’t like it at all. Mike still looks like a superhuman for (57), but he’s still (57) years old. He shouldn’t be fighting anymore. I don’t think it’s safe. I think it’s dangerous at that age. Your heart might explode. He gets hit in the head, he might have a brain bleed.”

Colby later spared no chance to diss Paul and claimed that he has been competing “juiced up.” Covington also predicted that the fight will not last much longer, as he believes that the 31-year-younger Jake Paul will knock Tyson out “within the first two minutes.”

Jake Paul once labeled Colby Covington a ‘pu**y’ for being soft

Although Covington went pretty hard at Jake Paul, it has not only been the YouTuber turned boxer who has been on the receiving end of these public verbal altercations. Recently, Paul took to twitter to throw shade at Covington about an infamous incident involving him which took place two years back.

‘The Problem Child’ referred to how Covington turned to the police after his bitter rival Jorge Masvidal had attacked him in a public area, and called him a “pu**y.”

The bad blood between the two does not seem to cool down any soon and it would be intriguing to see how both of their fighting careers play out in the future.


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