Ex-MMA star Jorge Masvidal clears air on alleged Colby Covington altercation: “They saying a lot of s*it”

In a recent revelation, former UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal delved into the details of his highly publicized altercation with Colby Covington. The two fierce rivals clashed in the main event of UFC 272 last March.

Despite Covington emerging victorious through a dominant unanimous decision, their contentious battle did little to quell the ongoing war of words between them.

In the ensuing weeks, Masvidal and Covington continued their verbal sparring, intensifying the animosity between them. The tension reached a boiling point at the Papi Steak restaurant in Miami later that same month.

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal caused a traffic jam in the Miami streets

Why did Colby and Jorge become enemies?

It is alleged that Masvidal instigated an unprovoked attack on Covington outside the establishment before swiftly making his escape.

Subsequently, Jorge was arrested, and their court case is scheduled for later this year. Presently, Masvidal faces charges of aggravated battery, along with a slew of other accusations.

However, during a recent appearance on Jake Paul’s podcast, Jorge vehemently denied being present at the restaurant that fateful night. The welterweight contender candidly discussed the altercation, asserting that he had no involvement in the incident.

In fact, Masvidal went on to claim that the owner of the establishment even expressed gratitude to him for the heightened attention and increased foot traffic it brought.

Jorge Masvidal weighs in on Colby Covington altercation

The conflicting narratives surrounding the incident have only added to the intrigue surrounding the ongoing feud between Masvidal and Covington. Leaving fans and observers eagerly anticipating the unfolding of the legal proceedings and the resolution of this bitter rivalry.

Jorge Masvidal

“That’s allegedly this, allegedly that” Jorge Masvidal stated when asked about assaulting Colby Covington. “I wasn’t even there bro. They saying a lot of s*it bro.

Bro, I wasn’t even there bro!.. [I’m not even banned from the restaurant], that dude loves me. I ran into him the other night, ’cause I’ve run into him a couple of times.”

He continued, “He was like, ‘Man, since that rumor, that you were allegedly there, reservations went through the roof like 530%’. I told him that I would love to take these nice vibes he was giving me but that was alleged, as we both know. Colby’s a bi*tch, if he were here right now. He’d run right out.”

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