David Benavidez’s father ‘willing to do anything’ for the Canelo Alvarez fight

The sport of boxing is loved and appreciated by millions of fans, but often, these same fans find it hard to support their favorite sport. One of the biggest reasons for this can be attributed to the complications that arise in sanctioning certain matches that all fans want to see. One such match is Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez.

It is rare for a competitor to emerge with the ability to challenge one of the most accomplished boxers of all time in Canelo Alvarez. However, despite establishing unreal dominance and rising to the top of the super middleweight division, Benavidez has been waiting for a shot at Alvarez, but to no avail.

David Benavidez’s father speaks on Canelo Alvarez fight

Without question, the entire world desires to see Canelo Alvarez face David Benavidez above all other potential matchups. As the reigning champion, Alvarez has faced significant criticism from around the globe for not yet accepting the fight.

Recently, the Mexican champion found himself in an even bigger mess when he claimed to accept the fight only with the condition of a gigantic payout. Fans all around the world as well as Benavidez himself unleashed on Alvarez and the ‘ducking’ allegations grew even further.

Adding to the situation, Jose Benavidez, Benavidez’s father, has now issued a statement claiming they are willing to do ‘anything’ to officially arrange the fight between the two. Previously, Alvarez expressed concerns about Benavidez gaining weight after weigh-ins in his previous fights. However, as a solution, Jose stated they are even open to accepting a rehydration clause for the fight.

Stephen A. Smith urges Canelo Alvarez to stop ducking David Benavidez

Canelo Alvarez has always been known for accepting the hardest fights and never backing out, which makes it hard to figure why he hasn’t accepted the Benavidez fight yet. The situation has escalated to such extents that Benavidez even resorted to Turki Alalshikh, who is an Arab sheikh, to urge Alvarez into accepting the fight.

Recently, popular sports journalist Stephen A Smith took to his show to take the side of the fanbase and push Alvarez towards accepting the Benavidez fight, asking him to “stop the bulls**it.” He said, “Anybody who respects boxing knows he should be the man in the ring going up against you.”

With the massive explosion that the speculation of this matchup has made, it seems as though Alvarez needs to fight Benavidez, not only for the sake of fans, but also for the sake of his honor and all he’s achieved inside the ring.


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