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Santos Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez Barragán is undoubtedly one of the best boxers in the world. Born and brought up in Guadalajara and then Juanacatlán, Jalisco, the Mexican was always going to be a boxer. From being a shy, young boy to becoming one of the most disciplined boxers on the planet, ‘Canelo’ has surely come a long way. 

As an adolescent, Saul became a victim of bullying due to his red hair color. However, due to the fantastic support of his father and his seven siblings, Alvarez was able to forge his way to stardom. At one point, Saul became so good, his father and brother had trouble finding opponents for the young prodigy. 

Currently, Alvarez is one of the most successful boxers on the planet. He owes his success to the people that believed in him. As such, let us take a closer look at Canelo Alvarez’s Family, and how they have inspired him to become the man he is today. 

What Do We Know About Canelo Alvarez’s Parents?


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Canelo Alvarez‘s mother’s name is Ana Maria Barragan. Following a split from her husband and Canelo’s father Santos Alvarez, Ana opted to keep her maiden name. 

Ana is believed to be of Irish descent-owing to her fiery-red hair, like Canelo. Although Ana and Santos had 8 children together, they made the decision to part ways when Canelo was 15 years old. However, the cause of Ana and Santos Alvarez’s divorce remains unknown. 

Canelo Alvarez with his father, Santos Alvarez.

Despite the pair parting ways, Ana and Santos assumed joint responsibility for their children. Whilst her daughter (also named Ana) has become a businesswoman, all seven of her sons are professional boxers. As such, Ana Barragan and Santos Alvarez deserve great credit for ensuring the success of the entirety of Canelo Alvarez’s Family. 

Who Is Canelo Alvarez Girlfriend Fernanda Gomez?

Canelo Alvarez with his wife, Fernanda Gomez.

Currently, Canelo is married to his long-time love interest and girlfriend, Fernanda Gomez. The couple shared their vows and tied the knot in 2021 at the Guadalajara Cathedral in Guadalajara, Mexico. Interestingly, Fernanda Gomez is also a social media influencer, model, businesswoman and also owns a boutique, Fernanda Gómez Nailbar & Boutique. 

In addition to that, the pair also have a child together. Saul and Fernanda have a daughter together by the name of Maria Fernanda. Apart from Maria, Canelo also has 3 more children with 3 different women. 

Canelo Alvarez Ex-Girlfriends

Prior to his relationship and marriage to Fernanda Gomez, Saul had numerous other romantic relationships. At first, Canelo got engaged to Marisol Gonzalez in 2010. However, the boxer ended things with the 2003 Miss Universe pageant winner. In the time that the pair were together, they had a girl child by the name of Mia Ener.

After this, Canelo was in a brief relationship with Kate Del Castillo in 2012. Apart from this, Alvarez was also in relationships with Valeria Quiro, Nelda Sepulveda, and Shannon De Lima.  

Canelo Alvarez Kids


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In total, Canelo has 4 children. However, all four children are from different mothers. Saul has 3 daughters, Emily, Mia Ener, Maria, and 1 son, Saul Adiel. The Mexican boxer is very close to all his kids and it is believed that they all reside together with him. Although Saul faces a very difficult and hectic schedule, he does his best to be there for all his children.

Canelo Alvarez Brothers and Sisters

Canelo Alvarez poses with his brothers.

As mentioned previously, Canelo is the youngest of 8 siblings. Whilst his six brothers, Rigoberto, Gonzalo, Daniel, Ramon, Ricardo, and Victor are all into boxing, his sister, Ana is a businesswoman. 

Notably, Ramón Álvarez, Ricardo Álvarez and former WBA interim world champion, Rigoberto Álvarez are some of Canelo’s more famous siblings. All of Saul’s siblings are very close to each other and their parents, valuing their roots and not forgetting where they come from. Although it may not seem ideal Canelo Alvarez’s Family have truly done well for themselves and found success in life.

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