Watch: Mike Tyson’s funny New York scuffle with Shannon Briggs before Jake Paul bout

A lively event unfolded on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, as two former heavyweight boxers playfully exchanged jabs, much to the delight of a cheering crowd. Mike Tyson and Shannon Briggs were captured on video, displaying their impressive physiques and appearing prepared for a potential showdown. The video quickly gained widespread attention across various social media platforms, becoming a viral sensation.

In a bustling crowd, Briggs and Tyson cross paths on the sidewalk. Briggs moves towards “Iron Mike” with the intention of embracing him, but Tyson steps back and removes his shirt. Upon witnessing the action, Briggs follows suit. The crowd erupts with excitement as they eagerly observe the intense encounter between the two men, who stand confidently in the open air, showcasing their physiques. The crowd enthusiastically encourages them, while they playfully engage in a mock fight. The crowd appears delighted as the older boxers embrace each other.

Following their mock altercation, a crowd quickly formed around the two individuals, with many capturing the incident on their mobile phones. People eagerly snapped photos and even took the opportunity to pose with Tyson. According to a post on Instagram by Briggs, this incident took place at Atlanta Towers.

The 57-year-old Tyson is set to face off against Jake Paul, who is 30 years younger, in a highly anticipated match on July 20. The boxing match is set to be held at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, known for its impressive capacity of 80,000 spectators. However, there could be potential consequences for Jake Paul if he decides to proceed with the fight.

Jake Paul may be in danger after frightening Mike Tyson training footage

A recent video shared on Mike Tyson’s official Instagram account showcases the legendary former heavyweight boxing champion in action, displaying his unique boxing style. He is approaching his trainer with a strong sense of determination and enthusiasm.

“I don’t care who’s talking s***; I still say a 58-year-old Mike is better than 90% of the younger boxers,” one fan commented. Another fan expressed their fear of holding pads for Mike Tyson, considering it to be one of the most terrifying jobs imaginable. Jake Paul wanted to know about the force behind Mike Tyson’s punches.

Holding pads for Mike Tyson is one thing, but going head-to-head against the legendary Iron Mike is a completely different story. Jake Paul, if he isn’t careful, could find himself in trouble with his upcoming fight. So, are you excited to see Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul?

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