“You need money, Tommy?”: Jake Paul reignites Tommy Fury rematch talks before Mike Tyson bout

Jake Paul’s sole defeat in his professional boxing career came at the hands of Tommy Fury. Following his defeat, Jake Paul wasted no time in reaching out to Tommy for a rematch. However, the British fighter has been consistently ignoring his requests. Jake Paul’s recent reaction to Tommy Fury’s Instagram post has sparked renewed discussions about a potential rematch between the two.

After receiving no response from Tyson Fury’s brother, Paul decided to shift his attention to other fights. He successfully scheduled his next opponent, Mike Tyson, for a match on July 20. Surprisingly, Fury has reentered the fight scene after sharing his training footage on Instagram with a caption saying, “@jakepaul, when are we dancing again?”

Jake Paul wasted no time in delivering a scathing response to Tommy’s question. He didn’t hold back, criticizing Tommy Fury and suggesting that he should stop letting his father, John Fury, manage his career and finances.

“You need money Tommy? Learn from big bro and stop letting your daddy manage your career and finances,” he said.

Jake Paul then announced that the rematch offer he previously extended to Tommy Fury is no longer on the table. Paul explains that he has already prepared his next opponent for his upcoming fight and mentions that if he were to offer Fury a rematch in the future, the offer would be reduced by half.

“You lost out on the biggest opportunity of your life,” Paul added.

Jake, who is preparing to face off against Mike Tyson, is already contemplating his next opponent. Jake has several potential opponents for his upcoming fight. Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal are both being considered, and now Tommy Fury has also been added to the mix.

How much did Jake Paul offer Tommy Fury to rematch?

Tommy Fury has previously been offered a lucrative two-fight deal with Jake Paul, with the potential to earn over £15 million. The deal includes a rematch in boxing and a debut in MMA.

Jake Paul signed with PFL following his defeat against Tommy Fury last year. PFL founder Donn Davis also confirmed Jake’s offer to Tommy.

Davis confirmed that the reported offers of $15–20 million to Tommy are indeed accurate, which is significantly higher than what Fury could earn from other potential opportunities, per ESPN. Jake Paul also stated that Tommy Fury’s only path to success lies with him.

PFL chairman Donn Davis expects that Paul will have his first appearance in late 2024. So, is there a possibility of a rematch between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury happening this year?

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