“He’s big, really big”: Jake Paul’s trainer claims he maintains incredible speed while putting on weight for Mike Tyson bout

Jake Paul, fresh off his impressive victory against Ryan Bourland, is set to make his highly anticipated return to the ring on July 20. This time, he will face none other than the legendary Mike Tyson.

Netflix will stream the July 20 exhibition event at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The 57-year-old will make his first appearance since his fight with Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020. Paul, on the other hand, will now compete in the heavyweight division after previously fighting in the cruiserweight category.

According to his trainer, Shane Mosley, Jake Paul has gained weight in preparation for his match against Mike Tyson. Mosley claims that the YouTube star’s current weight is 230 pounds. Mosley mentioned on his YouTube channel that he recently saw Jake, who currently weighs 230 pounds.

“He’s big, really big. He said he feels as fast as he does at 185lbs,” he said.

Tyson’s weight reached its peak at 239 pounds during his bout with Brian Nielsen in October 2001. However, recent training footage shared on his social media shows him in an intimidating physical condition.

Paul’s new muscular appearance has yet to make an appearance on social media, but it is a significant transformation just three months before the big event. Now that Paul has made the decision to gain weight, it could provide him with more power behind his shots.

Jake Paul is set to enter the ring at his heaviest weight yet for this upcoming fight. At a staggering 230 pounds, this surpasses any previous weight he has ever fought at.

What are the past bout weights of Jake Paul?

Jake Paul, at the age of 27, is significantly younger than his upcoming opponent. Paul is 6-foot-1, which makes him three inches taller than Tyson. His impressive 76-inch reach surpasses Tyson’s by five inches.

Throughout his career, he has fluctuated in weight, ranging from 180 to 200 pounds. However, in his two most recent fights, Paul has managed to weigh in just below the cruiserweight limit of 200 pounds.

Jake Paul via Getty Images

Last December, Paul stepped into the ring against Andre August, weighing in at a little over 198 pounds. He tipped the scales at a little over 197 pounds when he faced off against Ryan Bourland in March. Paul weighed in at 183.6 pounds for Tommy Fury and for the Silva fight, Paul weighed in at 186.5 pounds.

For his upcoming fight, he currently weighs 230 pounds, as the bout against Tyson is contracted at heavyweight. So, are you excited to see bulked Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson clash?

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