Logan Paul claims Jake Paul hired security to fend off Floyd Mayweather’s ‘goons’ after ‘gotcha hat’ incident

In an exclusive interview on ‘In Depth with Graham Bensinger,’ Logan Paul revealed that Jake Paul had to hire security to protect himself after the infamous ‘gotcha hat’ incident in the lead-up to the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight.

The incident occurred when Jake baited Floyd Mayweather into a face-off, discussing a potential match for themselves. During the face-off, Jake stole Mayweather’s hat and attempted to make an escape while saying ‘gotcha hat!’

Logan Paul claims Jake Paul hired security to keep himself safe

Discussing the incident, Logan Paul chuckled and mentioned that “Jake has not been without a security guard since that moment.” According to Logan, Floyd Mayweather was genuinely upset and could not tolerate the harmless prank. Mayweather also began to threaten to ‘kill’ Jake.

“I’ll kill you motherf*****r!” Mayweather said, after Jake Paul took his hat. “What the f*** do we know about Miami, bro? —— Floyd knows Miami, he’s been around the block —— he got goons who kill a man for $200,” said Logan, expressing that it was necessary to have Jake get private security.

Logan also expresses that he did not approve of Jake Paul’s actions and didn’t consider he would actually do something.

“I felt like Jake had put me in jeopardy. He’s my little brother, I love him. When he stole Floyd’s hat, a skirmish breaks out, I have to go protect my little brother… and if I break my hand, or get concussion or just get f***ed by Floyd’s guys a month before the biggest fight of my career just tryna save my little brother’s ass? That’s stupid, ” Logan concluded.

What did Jake Paul do to piss off Floyd Mayweather?

The incident traces it’s roots back to 2021, at the Hard Rock Stadium, where both Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather were promoting their upcoming boxing match that was scheduled to be held on June 6th that year.

Jake Paul baited Floyd Mayweather to a face-off, and Mayweather, getting excited, started agreeing to Jake’s invite to fight. In a bit of a heated exchange, Jake suddenly snatched the hat off of Mayweather’s head and tried to make an escape after he said ‘gotcha hat!’ to Mayweather’s face.

Mayweather’s ‘security’ team immediately jumped the gun on Jake, trying to get the hat back or tackle him down. Logan also had to jump in, attempting to stop the skirmish. As seen online, it can be said that Floyd was not appreciating Jake’s sense of humor at all. Even after being separated from the clash, Floyd is seen on multiple cameras shouting that he will kill Jake.

On the other hand, Jake Paul, somewhat unbothered by the scene, proceeded to get a tattoo saying ‘gotcha hat’ on his leg to commemorate the moment.


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