Why does Floyd Mayweather owe money to Logan Paul? exploring their exhibition PPV controversy

Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and Social Media star Logan Paul locked horns with each other on June 6, 2021. Their fight was merely an exhibition and took place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Logan claims Mayweather still owes him money from the fight which he refused to pay. So, let’s explore more about the payment issue concerning Mayweather and Logan.

Why does Floyd Mayweather owe money to Logan Paul?

Floyd’s fight with Logan could produce no winner but his performance and tactics to tackle and hold defense were hugely appreciated. The exhibition fight generated a lavish amount from Pay-Per-View which was supposed to be divided among the fighters.

But the elder Paul brother year later opened up about the payment issue claiming that his opponent still owes him money. Furthermore, he added the amount of the due money is around $2 to $5 million.

When asked about this matter, Mayweather concretely denied such allegations.

How Floyd Mayweather spends his millions?

The boxing promoter has a net worth of $460 million and he is in love with showcasing to the world how lavish his lifestyle is. On his Instagram account, he once posted images of him covered with gold and diamond jewelry, cash, and luxurious items.

Till now the fighter offered his fans many spectacular bouts with some of the most dominating fighters including Conor McGregor. Moreover, his special bouts bagged hundreds of millions from the PPV and ameliorated his bank balance.

As part of the craze for luxurious hobbies, he purchases privet jets, and lavish mansions and spends his money to fulfill all kinds of material desires. Out of dissatisfaction of the due payment, Logan spoke out about his super-rich lifestyle saying, ‘This will be settled, I’m a young dude and I’ve got time, I’ve got f***ing time to troll, to settle a civil lawsuit – he’s just a big spender, he can’t spend like that’.

Fighting with Mayweather was indeed a great learning point for the YouTube star as he was slowly progressing toward discovering more about combat sports. However, as Logan is still very young, he will surely make significant progress in his career as time passes.

Let us know your thoughts on the payment dispute between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. Do you believe Logan’s claims that Mayweather owes him money?

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