“This is crazy work right here”: Floyd Mayweather stuns boxing world as training video goes viral

Despite having retired six years ago, Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly in incredible shape and still shows up to training sessions. Recently, a video of Floyd striking a pad and demonstrating how to do it went viral on social media.

After defeating Conor McGregor in 2017, the infamous American boxer decided to end his professional boxing career. The unbeaten boxer still competes in exhibition matches, where he continues to knock out his opponents. The most recent workout video from Money demonstrates the cause of his remarkable form and shape.


How did the boxing community respond to Floyd Mayweather’s training session video?

Floyd’s amazing flexibility and outstanding demonstration of boxing training shocked the boxing community. Everyone was apparently astonished by Floyd Mayweather’s quick hand motions and muscle memory since even at the age of 46, he appears to be more skilled than many current boxers. 

Former kickboxing world champion, Andrew Tate was also stunned by Floyd’s energy displayed in the training session as he expressed his thoughts in just one letter ‘G’.

“Watching Tate or Floyd fight is like watching an artist paint a masterpiece.” said Rugir. 

To see Floyd doing this so effortlessly made a user think Money will be able to do that even at 80 as he said, “He is the GOAT the Best To do it I bet wen Mayweather is in his 80’s he will perform like in his 20’s untouchable no shakes he stay protected.” 

“Most can’t fathom how impressive this is. Not just physically but cognitively. If you’ve ever done pad work, impossible not to watch on repeat.” Stealth Wealth CEO commented. 

Social media influencer Michael said, “The best pound for pound technical fighter.” 

“He’s up there for me as one of the greatest of all time! Not just for his boxing ability (which hasn’t been matched), but for his box office appeal, too. The guy was made to entertain!” a user commented. 

According to Gavin Cox, no boxer does this much hard work during training as he said,” While disliking the public persona I have nothing but admiration for the discipline and technique…there’s levels…and no one comes close to Floyd’s.”

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