“I want to be able to do it all”: Rookie WR Antoine Green confident to showcase his all-round game at Detroit Lions

In his inaugural minicamp with the Detroit Lions, rookie wide receiver Antoine Green experienced a blend of comfort and anticipation. The presence of cornerbacks coach Dre Bly, a familiar face from their shared time at North Carolina, instilled a sense of ease within Green as he acclimated to his new surroundings.

Reflecting on their previous encounters, Antoine expressed his excitement at being able to work alongside Bly once again. “Dre’s the same dude everywhere he goes,” Green remarked. “I’m definitely thrilled to have him around.”

Bly’s extensive 11-year professional career included four seasons with the Lions from 2003 to 2006. After retiring as a player he got into coaching. This year he joined the Lions coaching staff. 

During their days at North Carolina, Green, and Bly engaged in friendly competitions, allowing the rookie WR to test his skills against the seasoned cornerback. He mentioned that he had primarily worked on his releases against Bly. With a playful chuckle, he added, “He’s getting a little older. You can’t run full routes against him.”

But, in the Lions’ training camp, the rookie WR will have the opportunity to fully showcase his skills as he strives to earn a coveted spot on the team’s roster. Running full routes and demonstrating his proficiency in all aspects of the receiver’s playbook will be his objective.

Antoine Green is determined and eager for the future 

Antoine Green

He aims to secure a spot on the roster and launch his professional career, while the Lions seek to bolster their receiving corps with much-needed depth.

With an impressive physical stature standing at 6’2″ and weighing 199 pounds, coupled with a notable 4.47-second 40-yard dash time, Green possesses the attributes necessary for the wide receiver position. Throughout his five-year tenure at North Carolina, he exhibited consistent performance, accumulating 90 career catches, with 74 of them occurring in his final two seasons. The rookie WR averaged 19 yards per catch throughout his college career.

Antoine also expressed his enthusiasm for the potential of an expanded role compared to his collegiate experience. While primarily serving as a vertical threat at North Carolina, he aspires to demonstrate his versatility and prove that he can contribute in various ways beyond simply running deep routes.

Antoine Green

“I want to be able to do it all,” Green confidently asserted. “In the UNC offense, I mainly served as a vertical threat. I want to showcase my abilities beyond just running for deep balls.”

His unwavering ambition to exhibit his all-around skills reflects his determination and eagerness to make a significant impact in the NFL. 

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