Ex-NFL star Calvin Johnson provides positive update on feud with Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson, former star wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, is making strides in burying the bad blood between him and his old team.

Johnson recently stated that his relationship with the organization is “trending up,” and he credits the chief operating officer, Mike Disner, for making an effort to get them back on the same page.

Johnson is excited about the progress and hopes to spend more time with the team in the future.

In a recent interview with Jim Rome, Johnson expressed his enthusiasm for the good conversations he’s been having with the Lions.

He believes that the effort Disner is making to bridge the gap between him and the team is a huge step forward. Johnson explained that this kind of initiative from the organization is something he had not seen in the past.

Johnson retired from football in 2016 during the prime of his career. Although he is no longer playing, he is eager to help out the team in any way he can.

He believes that he has a lot of experience to share with the younger players, both on and off the field. Johnson understands that the Lions do not necessarily need his help, but he believes that he could be of value to the organization.

The Lions and Johnson have had a strained relationship in the past, particularly after the team demanded that he give back $1.6 million from his signing bonus following his retirement.

However, Johnson’s record-breaking nine-year career with the Lions makes him an essential part of the team’s history. Seeing the two parties make amends would undoubtedly be great news for Lions fans.

As Johnson and the Lions continue to make progress, there is hope that they can put the past behind them and work towards a brighter future. Johnson’s willingness to help out the team and the organization’s efforts to make amends show that they are committed to moving forward.

With Johnson’s incredible career and experience, the Lions could benefit greatly from having him back around the team. Fans will undoubtedly be keeping an eye on this situation and hoping for the best.

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