Details about the Detroit Lions new uniform which sparked mixed reactions from fans

The Detroit Lions have finally revealed their new uniforms. After having the drama of their uniforms getting leaked, the team decided to officially reveal their uniforms on Thursday. 

The team has introduced three new sets of uniforms in a video posted on their social media channels. 

The Detroit Lions revealed four combinations which included an all-black color rush uniform with a blue helmet and black Lions logo. There was also a black jersey, and blue pants alternate combo that donned the blue helmet. They also have black gloves. 

Detroit Lions
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Eminem’s favorite team has made the biggest change in the uniform in the font and numbering. They have switched back to the block numbering that was used in the classic uniforms.

The uniforms also feature classic blue and white sets that they’ve traditionally worn. These new uniforms of the Detroit Lions have led to fans having mixed reactions.

What are fans saying about the Detroit Lions new uniform?

After the uniforms were finally revealed fans shared their opinions on social media. Many fans approved the new uniforms of the Detroit Lions, but some expressed disappointment.

“All they had to do was keep black helmets smh”

Some fans found this particular design appealing.

“I normally hate black uniforms. This one pops though. Hopefully blue pants black socks.”

One fan praised the design as “dope” but acknowledged that older fans may not share the same sentiment. 

“This is dope, old heads won’t like it though. But the all grey ones go harder.”

A fan suggested removing the writing on both the white and black uniforms.

“Should remove the writing on the white and black uniforms.”

One fan outright dislikes the new uniforms.

“That looks horrible.”

Conversely, another fan expressed enthusiasm, simply stating “Fire.” 

Some fans also drew a comparison between the Detroit Lions’ new uniforms and those of the Carolina Panthers.

“Looks similar to Panthers.”

One fan provided a mixed review, praising the jersey but criticizing the helmet design.

“Helmet looks like an elementary school art project but the jersey is sick”

Another fan compared the Detroit Lions to the Panthers.

“Yo no way! It’s the Detroit Panthers.”

Fans had completely mixed reactions to these new uniforms of the Detroit Lions. While the majority liked the new design and colors, some fans didn’t like the new uniforms and suggested improvements to make it look better.

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