Eminem asks Dan Campbell for Lions uniform to score 3rd quarter TD against Bucs

Eminem, the iconic rapper, stands as one of the biggest fans of the Detroit Lions. Beyond his widespread acclaim in the music industry, his enduring passion for the Lions takes center stage. The rap maestro recently expressed that he aspires not only to cheer from the sidelines but to actively play for the team.

Eminem recently made a special request to the coach Dan Campbell, creating a unique intersection of entertainment and athletic fervor in the world of the Detroit Lions.

Eminem asks Dan Campbell for Lions uniform

The Detroit Lions ended a 32-year playoff drought with a win against the Los Angeles Rams (24-23) on January 15 at Ford Field. Now, the team is set to play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Eminem wants to wear the Lions uniform. 

Eminem posted a video on Instagram addressing Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell. He expressed his desire to join the game, proposing a playful scenario where he serves as the entire offensive line, an eligible receiver, and the quarterback in the third quarter. The rapper humorously pledged to throw the ball to himself, score a touchdown, and request at least a uniform or helmet from Coach Dan.

“Yo, Dan, I’m reporting. I’m going to report. Third quarter,” the “Mockingbird” rapper, 51, said. “I’m reporting, offensive line, eligible receiver. I’ll be the quarterback, the entire line, [the] offensive line. And the receiver, I will throw it to myself and score a touchdown. In the third quarter. Just give me a uniform. Or at least just a helmet.”

The rap maestro confidently stated he would be present on the game night, ready to suit up and score the winning touchdown.

“I’m gonna be there that night, I will suit up, and I will score us the winning touchdown,” he added.

He reiterated the offer in the caption, asking Coach Dan to let him know if the opportunity stands, “Coach Dan … the offer still stands. I’m around for Sunday, lmk.”

Eminem shared a similar video on Sunday, revealing his New Year’s resolution for the Lions to win the Super Bowl. The rapper’s engagement with Coach Dan, his commitment to the team, and his playful requests created significant buzz and enthusiasm among fans for the upcoming Lions game.

Eminem electrified Ford Field with his presence

The Detroit Lions’ playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams featured prominent Detroit celebrities in attendance at Ford Field, including rap icon Eminem, NFL legends Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson, and musician Big Sean.


Before the Lions vs. Rams game, Eminem made a heartfelt request to Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. He reminded Stafford of their shared history during Stafford’s 12 seasons with the Lions, expressing his support and asking for a favor, “Can you just let us have this one?” 

The rapper then attended the first home playoff game for the Detroit Lions in over three decades at Ford Field Stadium in Michigan.

Videos of Eminem hyping the crowd during the Lions vs the Rams game became viral on social media. Over 65,000 fans were captured singing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” during the game, showcasing the electric atmosphere he contributed to the event.

Fans rushed to the internet to share their reactions to the rapper’s energetic presence and the unique atmosphere he created at Ford Field.

The Detroit Lions will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the divisional round on the following Sunday and Eminem wants to watch his favorite team win at every cost.

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