Messi’s unlikely bond with Shakira: Antonela stands by Colombian popstar showering continued support following Pique’s divorce

Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi has an unlikely connection to ex teammate Gerard Pique’s ex wife Shakira. It seems Antonella Roccuzzo, Messi’s wife is now supporting Shakira.

For many years, Spanish media outlets used to say that Shakira never got along with any of Pique’s friends or family as she had something of a bossy attitude due to her life of fame and success.

Even more specifically, it is said she never got along with Antonella which was strange as Antonella was friends with most of Messi’s teammates’ wives and girlfriends.

However, it seems that their relationship has changed for the better.

Recently Gerard and Shakira has a high profile divorce after it was revealed that Pique had cheated on her with another woman. Soon the Colombian singer shared a post about betrayal on Instagram on January 2, under which Antonella commented with three heart emojis to show her love.

Then when the singer released ‘Music Sessions 353 with Bizarrap’ which was a dig at Gerard, Antonella again showed her support by commenting with five flame emojis to show her support.

Antonella has now again shown her support with another comment.

In a new Instagram post about the newest collaboration between Shakira and Karol G, Antonella commented with several flame emojis. Even Luis Suarez’s wife and Antonella’s friend Sofia Balbi commented, “Be strong”.

The pair of singers have released ‘TQG’ a song that seems to be another dig at both of their exes Gerard Pique and Anuel AA. Many fans including Antonella are no doubt waiting to see what new digs Shakira has written in her lyrics for Pique.

Antonella has clearly shown she supports Shakira in her new endeavors and we love to see this connection between the two.

Messi and Pique are also reported to not have a good relationship. Pique was apparently a major reason for Messi leaving Barcelona in 2021. Messi took it as a betrayal and as such both of them are not on good terms. So it seems that the Messi family will be supporting Shakira. 

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