‘We have a small advantage’: Carlo Ancelotti agrees to Pep Guardiola’s notion of Real Madrid’s edge over Manchester City in UCL tie

When discussing the history of football rivalries, Pep Guardiola’s name has always been part of the conversation. In the current era, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid are considered to be two of the fiercest teams in the world. Both clubs are known for their dominance on the field.

With the upcoming UEFA Champions League round of 8 matches, these two teams are all set to face each other. Ahead of the game, Guardiola and Ancelotti engaged in an interesting banter, adding to the intense hype surrounding the match.

Carlo Ancelotti reacts to Pep Guardiola’s rant

Real Madrid beat Athletic Club at home last night, freeing them up to go into a nine-day preparation period for the big match at the Santiago Bernabeu. Later, Carlo Ancelotti admitted that it gave his side a slight advantage over the current title holders of UCL.

“It looks good to me, they have a more complicated schedule, this is modern football, it is obvious that we have a small advantage, but it will not affect the game. I really liked the management of today’s game and I liked the intensity a little less.”

La Liga does not have a midweek round this week, and there are no fixtures this weekend either. This is because the schedule has been cleared for the Copa del Rey final between Athletic Club and Real Mallorca.

If Los Blancos had made it to that match, it would no doubt be frustrating for them to have two of the most decisive fixtures of the season occurring within 72 hours.

Pep Guardiola raises concern over City’s upcoming fixture congestion

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has expressed frustration over the lack of rest periods before facing Real Madrid. Guardiola aims to achieve a potential ‘double treble’ in the coming weeks as City seeks to replicate its incredible 2023 success.

In their pursuit to retain a Champions League title, City is engaged in a tough Champions League battle. Guardiola is particularly concerned about the upcoming quarter-final match against Real Madrid.

“We play Aston Villa at 20:15 midweek, then again at 12:30 against Crystal Palace on Saturday! Then we go to Madrid on Tuesday. Madrid has nine days to prepare, nine days,” he said following the City draw.

They play this weekend and they won’t do so again until our match. I would like to reflect and ask for one more day because the difference is a lot,” Guardiola explained after Manchester City’s draw with Arsenal on Sunday evening.

Guardiola’s comments point to the disparity between the schedules of City and Real Madrid in the coming weeks.

It’s still difficult to predict which team will emerge victorious from the match. Despite being at a disadvantage, Pep Guardiola’s team will put in their best effort. Fans are eagerly excited for the clash at Santiago Bernabeu.

Will Madrid shatter City’s treble dream? Or will Pep take revenge on Ancelotti for the 2022 season’s loss? Make sure to let us know in the comments.


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