HOF Shannon Sharpe once paid off woman’s divorce: “Why you arguing over this little bit of money”

Shannon Sharpe is undoubtedly one of the most interesting sports personalities. The HOF retired from the NFL as one of the best running backs and immediately made his name in the media as one of the best hosts.

Sharpe is known for his bold statements and quirky comments, but things got a little off track when he opened up about how he helped finalize a divorce.

Shannon Sharpe paid for the divorce of woman he was seeing

Shannon Sharpe once shared a story where he paid for the divorce of a woman he was romantically involved with. He expressed deep love and confidence in his relationship, stating he believed she was the one.

“I was once dating this chick Skip and she was married when she was getting a divorce. I knew I wanted her. I said, You know what? I’ll pay for the divorce, because I believed she was the one.”

Despite the woman being married and going through a divorce, Sharpe decided to intervene and expedite the process by paying for her divorce.

‘That’s what I did, I said, Why are you arguing about this? He wouldn’t sign the paper. I say Why are you arguing about this little bit of money? I gave him the money, filed the divorce. I did that!“

This story was shocking for his fans and even Skip Bayless, his co-host. It went immediately viral, drawing mixed reactions from fans, with some claiming him as a true romantic and some labeling him as a housebreaker.

Shannon Sharpe
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However, who was that woman, and when it happened, has not been disclosed. Shannon Sharpe never talked about it in detail and neither shared why he is not with that woman anymore. 

While Shannon Sharpe had an exceptional career, winning three Super Bowls, making eight Pro Bowl appearances, and earning four All-Pro selections, his love life has been so unlucky. 

Sharpe has been unlucky in love so far

Shannon Sharpe has been private about his love life but as much as it is public, one thing is clear that the HOF has been very unlucky in love so far.

In 2002, Michael Bundy claimed she had an intimate relationship with the HOF. However, she alleged Shannon Sharpe of sexually assaulting her.

She claimed that Sharpe forced her to have sex with him, threatened her, and stalked her. After that a temporary restraining order was filed against the former NFL player and he also took a break from his CBS job. Later, this restraining order was dismissed as the woman claimed she did it for her own safety. 

Shannon Sharpe
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After that, Shannon Sharpe, who suggested the Jets to pursue Tom Brady got into a serious relationship with Katy Kellner. The couple met in 2016, got engaged, and were expected to get married soon. However, the HOF got another shock when he found out his fiancée had been cheating on him.

Katy got pregnant with the baby of some other man and Shannon Sharpe broke his engagement with her after two years of their relationship. Since then, Shannon Sharpe has been single. These unfortunate events affected the HOF negatively and he has decided never to get married.

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