Shannon Sharpe hilariously calls Stephen A. Smith “Skip” Bayless during his ‘First Take’ debut

Shannon Sharpe, who had a decade-long career with the Denver Broncos in the NFL as a player, is now frequently making it into the headlines due to his new role as a co-host on ESPN’s ‘First Take.’ Recently, he worked alongside Stephen A. Smith in this capacity. 

In a recent ‘First Take’ episode featuring Shannon and Smith, Shannon humorously referred to Smith as ‘Skip’ Bayless. This was amusing because ‘Skip’ Bayless used to be Smith’s co-host on the show. This playfulness caught the attention of the audience, leaving many wondering why Sharpe called Stephen ‘Skip.’ 

Shannon Sharpe hilariously calls Stephen A. Smith “Skip” Bayless during his ‘First Take’ debut

In a somewhat amusing debut on ESPN’s First Take, Shannon Sharpe, known for his seven-year tenure debating Skip Bayless on FS1’s Undisputed, mistakenly addressed his new co-host, Stephen A. Smith, as ‘Skip.’

The mistake occurred during Sharpe’s first appearance on the show on Monday morning as he was getting used to his new role. In a moment of nostalgia, Shannon mistakenly called Stephen A. Smith by the name of his former, Skip Bayless. Realizing the mistake, Sharpe quickly corrected himself.

Shannon Sharpe

This playful banter caught the attention of Twitter users, including Dove Kleiman, who shared this funny moment and appreciated Sharpe’s humor on the show.

Dove tweeted alongside the video where Sharpe made the mistake, ‘Shannon did it more than once, “Skip…”. He also tweeted another video, saying, ‘Old habits die hard. On his first show on First Take, Shannon Sharpe called Stephen A. Smith “Skip”. 

Given the years spent alongside Bayless, it is understandable that Sharpe might need some time to get used to the change in co-hosts. Sharpe’s unexpected mistake brought some light-hearted humor to the First Take set on what was an otherwise ordinary morning of sports debate.

Watch: Shannon Sharpe’s hilarious First Take debut with Stephen A. Smith

Shannon made his much-anticipated debut on Smith’s “First Take“. That is after years of debates with Skip Bayless on Fox’s ‘Undisputed.’ Sharpe and Smith began their new role with a hilarious sketch. The two were seen standing close to each other. Sharpe acted like a military drill sergeant, yelling at Smith as he asked, ‘Stephen A., what is your sole purpose on First Take?'”

Surprisingly, Smith followed Sharpe’s lead by answering, ‘To do whatever you say!’ He quickly asserted his dominance, reminding everyone that ‘First Take’ is his show. Smith turned to Sharpe as soon as the music stopped and continued to reiterate his dominance, reminding Sharpe that ‘First Take’ is first and foremost his show.

Smith said, “I run this show; I don’t care what drill sergeant says. You heard me?”. After laughing off the initial confrontation, the two teased that the show would soon begin.

This seems to be an indicator of the antics these two will bring to the revamped program. Sharpe is set to be a regular co-host alongside Smith on Mondays and Tuesdays during the football season, starting on September 4, 2023.

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