Warrior star Stephen Curry named NBA’s clutch player of the year

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has been named the NBA’s Clutch Player of the Year for the second year of this award. The NBA introduced this award last year, and it’s all about players who perform in important moments for their teams.

Stephen Curry won the honor over Chicago Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan, taking 45 first-place votes, 18 second-place votes, and 19 third-place votes from the media voting panel, totaling 298 points. DeRozan followed closely with 272 points, securing 34 first-place votes.

His shooting percentages during these clutch times have been truly impressive which were nearly 50% overall, over 45% from beyond the arc, and an incredible 95% from the free-throw line. That kind of performance makes a huge impact in times when every point counts.

Unfortunately, despite Steph’s wonderful stats, the Warriors didn’t advance to the Western Conference play-in round. However, Curry’s consistent excellence over his 15-year career, including multiple MVP awards, definitely makes him a lock for future Hall of Famer status.

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry’s other passion ‘Underrated Golf’ has seen some new additions in celebrity star power.

Gareth Bale joins Stephen Curry as an ambassador for ‘Underrated Golf’

Gareth Bale and Steph Curry have teamed up on the golf course, not on the basketball court or the football field. Despite Curry’s current focus on basketball and Bale’s recent retirement from football, they share a passion for growing the game of golf.

Stephen Curry initiated Underrated Golf, an organization promoting competitive golf in areas where it’s not widely accessible. Now, Bale has joined as an ambassador alongside former Ladies European Tour player and Sky Sports presenter, Henni Koyack.

Bale expressed his pride in being part of this initiative, “I’m thrilled to join Stephen Curry and the Underrated Golf European Tour as an ambassador as they expand globally this year.”

“I’ve been impressed by the tour’s efforts in the U.S. to enhance golf, a sport I deeply enjoy and believe in its vast potential,” he stated.

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