LeBron James once expressed admiration for Stephen Curry’s skills in 2008: “here to watch the kid”

Lakers superstar LeBron James and Warriors superstar Stephen Curry are two of the biggest names in the NBA right now. Both of them are four-time NBA champions and are two of the best players ever in the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors have tried to pair LeBron James with Stephen Curry but failed, as the two playing in the same team would lead to astronomical spending for that team, which is simply not feasible.

When LeBron James saw how talented young Stephen Curry was

When LeBron James first saw Stephen Curry, he was in his sophomore year, and LeBron came to his Sweet Sixteen game against Wisconsin, as he happened to be in Detroit at the same time. LeBron had already heard about Curry, as he told the media that he was there to watch him.

One year later, Curry first played against LeBron in Cleveland, where he finished with 14 points and 7 assists. King James, in his seventh year in the league, finished with 31 points and 12 assists and led the Cavs to victory. This rivalry would later go on to become one of the greatest rivalries of all time, as Curry and James went head-to-head in the NBA finals four consecutive times, with Curry leading the score 3-1.

LeBron recently said that Stephen Curry is a nightmare for every team, as the Warriors’ guard’s lethal three pointers can snatch the game away anytime. King James also talked about how Curry changed the NBA.

LeBron James claims Stephen Curry ‘changed’ entire NBA

LeBron James recently talked about Stephen Curry’s influence in the NBA on Mind the Game podcast with JJ Redick. King James compared Curry with NFL Superstar Patrick Mahomes in terms of their sheer game-changing ability.

LeBron said, “You can’t do that anymore. You know why? Because I believe in ’08-’09 or whenever that little light-skinned f**ker came into the league that’s in Golden State.” He added, “He changed that whole narrative. He single-handily changed the ‘no lead is safe.’ It’s like [Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes] right now.”

Although LeBron and Curry are each other’s nemesis on the court, the two are very good friends off the court. LeBron recently complimented Curry and said, “Steph [Curry] keeps me young, too! We’re two of the older guys.”

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