Dell and Sonya Curry having a spouse swap? Breaking down the rectangular dating drama of Steph Curry’s parents

Steph Curry suddenly seemed to have more spectators in the gallery as Steph Curry’s parents, Dell Curry and Sonya Curry, were caught in the gallery with their new partners.

Dell and Sonya Curry couple had been accusing each other of cheating, resulting in a split in their 33 years conjugal life last year. After the separation, it seems that the couple is having a great time with their new partners, who are rumored to be ex-spouses.

Let’s dig into the deep of the rumor to find out who Sonya Curry and Dell Curry are dating now:

Steven Johnson is the new boyfriend of Sonya Curry

Sonya Curry, the mother of Warriors superstar Steph Curry, is currently having an affair with former New England Patriots star and businessman, Steven Johnson following her separation with Steph Curry’s father, former NBA star Dell Curry.

In March last year, she started dating her new boyfriend, Steve Johnson, a 57-year-old businessman from Tennessee. Steven is a former NFL star, has become a full-time businessman and owns a large commercial company named Johnson Commercial Development, which earned him success in his entrepreneur career, making him a successful businessman and investor.

However, it was claimed by Sonya Curry’s ex-husband, Dell Curry, that she was having an extra marital affair with Steven, who is Dell’s classmate and a family friend, but she denied and counterclaimed that Dell Curry cheated on her on numerous occasions, but Sonya acknowledged that she started dating Steve after their separation.

Sonya and her new partner, Steven Johnson, was seen greeting Steph Curry after Game 4 win in the NBA Finals.

Who is Dell Curry dating now?

Though Sonya Curry’s boyfriend was revealed to everyone, Dell Curry still kept his new girlfriend a secret, creating rumors after the separation with Sonya Curry, but it was until he showed up during NBA finals Game 4 between the Warriors and Celtics.

Dell was seen in the gallery cheering on Steph Curry while he hugged a white man. The event was caught up by the fans and the cameras and has since gone viral, leaving behind the hype of Game 4.

However, the identity of Dell Curry’s girlfriend still remained as a big question in the minds of the spectators, which led to several rumors being born. 

People searching for the identity of the new women in Dell Curry’s life is now putting together a number of interesting facts, creating rumors about the former Hornets sharpshooter’s girlfriend. Our team has tried to break down the rumors and find the identity of the new girlfriend of Dell Curry:

  • Is Dell Curry Dating Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Dell Curry’s relation with Marjorie Taylor Greene was hyped by a tweet posted by one of the NBA fans with a caption “Damn Dell Curry hugged up with Marjorie Taylor Greene”

But according to extensive research done by our team, we found out that Marjorie Taylor Greene is an American politician and a US representative from Georgia, having no connection with Dell Curry. The girl Dell Curry was hugging apparently shows that she is not even close to Marjorie Taylor Greene. Just look at the two below:

  • Is the Dell Curry’s new girl Nicki Smith?

Another rumor, and the biggest one is Dell Curry is dating a new woman named Nicki Smith, here Steven Johnson becomes relevant, you might be wondering how? Just continue reading and after knowing what our team has found, it’ll blow your head.

Dell and Sonya Curry Indeed having a spouse swap!

You already know that Steven Johnson is a mate of Dell Curry and he’s been a very close family friend, but what you don’t know is, Dell’s present girlfriend, who apparently seems to be Nicki Smith is also an acquaintance!

Yes! You’ve read it right, Nicki Smith is the ex-wife of Steven Johnson. Knowing this, you need no more explanation to understand that this is no coincidence and what might have happened to these couple.

These two couples are having a revenge on each other and it seems that one of the party started the drama igniting the others to join the drama.

Coming up to this, if you still don’t believe the drama is real, you just need to look at the tweet below, and we’re very sure there’ll be no doubt left in your mind.


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