Breaking Down Steph Curry’s legacy if he wins 4th title and Finals MVP

Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry are in the NBA Finals again after 2019. Both Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors find themselves in a stronghold position with a 3-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals against the Mavs and seems that Warriors are on the brink of sweeping the Dallas Mavericks.

Winning a fourth championship could add the most important jewelry to the collection of Curry’s legacy. Steph Curry and the Warriors are taking a sharp look on the spot as the next game of the finals begins. Curry definitely can hope deserving that as with a 3-0 advantage a team is never wiped away from the finals in entire NBA history. 

Curry already set up his legacy by winning three championships, two league MVP awards, two scoring titles. Holding numerous three point shooting records and with those titles he won, Curry is recognized as one of the greatest shooter in the NBA history.

But the one Steph Curry’s glorious career misses winning is a Finals MVP. Winning just one Finals MVP award will take curry into another level of highness to the hall of fame with the all time legends.

On ESPN’s morning show Get Up, former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins says what another championship might do to Curry’s legacy. Perkins believes if Stephen Curry wins his 4th ring and a Finals MVP, he would cross Magic Johnson as the best PG ever.

“Forget the top-10 list, forget the greatest point guard of all time, he’s going to be on the NBA Mount Rushmore. Period!”

Another ring for Steph Curry will tie the ring with King James, each winning four a piece. Curry would be the only superstar of the past decade that could match James ring-for-ring with Warriors winning the championship this year.

Another reason a fourth title for Steph means so much is Kevin Durant. The narrative that Golden State wouldn’t have won any championship without Kevin being there as KD came to town and won two titles with the Warriors, and both of those Finals MVPs. Curry still has zero.

Winning a title after Durant quiets the noise that KD was the only reason they won the second and third championships. For many, that’s been the indictment of Curry’s career. This one could be even more glorious than the first if Golden State wins a fourth championship. Curry needs another Finals victory under his belt and his first MVP in the Finals to make that noise about Durant go away.

Steph also has a chance to climb the same level in some respects as one of the biggest winners in Bay Area sports history, Joe Montana. Joe Cool also won four championships. And Montana won two Super Bowls with a superstar teammate in Jerry Rice, and two without him. Curry has two with Durant and is looking for his second without him. Well, the comparison may not fit enough but a Finals MVP would add more compatibility to that.

Larry O’Brien trophy No. 4 and a Finals MVP should catapult Steph into most people’s Top 10 all-time. Warriors with the move they are heading is most likely to win the championship, what is needed to Curry is to win the MVP to step into list of the 10’s, who are arguably between 11-20 now as peoples opinion matters.


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