“People in power have done NOTHING to protect the kids of America” Jake Paul blames incompetent authority for Uvalde, Texas tragic mass shooting

Jake Paul has sent his thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims of Uvalde, Texas in the aftermath of the deadly school shooting which has taken the lives of 19 elementary school children! He also blamed the American authorities and the “people in power” of doing nothing for the protection of kids in America.

Jake Paul tweeted out his anger at the American administration for not protecting the children of America. The deadliest shooting since the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary has left the state of Texas and the whole of the United States in shock. Lots of other celebrities chimed on the unfortunate incident.

Here is Jake Paul’s tweet:

Jake Paul wrote, “This shit is so unfair. It’s sickening what people are capable of and it makes me sick that our schools, senators, and people in power have done NOTHING to protect the kids of America”. Paul was upset over the lack of regulation by the US authorities even after repeated incidents of mass shootings.

Mass school shootings are very commonplace in the United States, and far-right lawmakers are not making any changes to the existing loose gun laws. These laws are what allowed the shooter to carry assault rifles and a handgun into the school to kill so many young children.

With prominent celebrities like Jake Paul and the latest public outcry, It is high time for lawmakers to make the changes necessary to protect the Children and the citizens of the United States of America.



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