Jake Paul fires back at ‘old head’ Conor McGregor after critique of Mike Tyson fight

Former UFC two division Champion Conor McGregor previously expressed his views on the infamous Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing match that is set to take place this year. He had insisted that ‘there is a lack of interest’ and called the matchup ‘strange’ addressing the media during the PR tours of his new film, Roadhouse.

His comments did not go unnoticed by Jake Paul who went after McGregor’s opinions and proceeded to jab insults at ‘The Notorious.’

Jake Paul claps back at Conor McGregor for criticizing Mike Tyson fight

During the recent episode of his podcast, looking directly at the camera and pointing to it, Jake Paul said that he had heard ‘Conor McGregor had a low interest for the fight.’

Paul then proceeded to compare the number of news articles that have been written in comparison to his matchup announcement with Tyson, to that of Conor’s last actual fight and claimed that he exceeds the number by 10,000 news pieces.

Jake also went onto say that ‘this is the biggest fight the world will EVER see’. “I get that people are jealous, but when the old heads like Conor are still tryna hate… it’s like…,” said the YouTuber-turned boxer.

“I get that there’s something wrong with your ego,” Paul added.

Jake Paul has a history of calling out Conor McGregor, previously having made a boxing match callout to ‘The Notorious’ in 2021 which Conor McGregor ignored.

Crazy comparison shows Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s age difference

A lot of the combat sports community including, boxing and MMA fans, are visibly upset at Jake Paul for having set up a matchup with a retired legend of the sport. Although this is not new for Jake Paul, the community had a bit of a visible disagreement to the matchup.

“The Iron” Mike Tyson, now 57 years of age, was the best and the most ruthless Heavyweight Boxer in his prime. Having knocked out names like those of Joe Frazier in less than 30 seconds, “The Iron” once used to rule the ring.

Infamous for fighting retired athletes for easy fame and money, Jake Paul shocked the world when he announced that the 27-year-old would be going against the 57-year-old veteran.

The age difference among the two is so apparent, when Mike Tyson infamously bit Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997, Jake had only been born.

Fans and athletes of combat sports, knowing exactly what Jake Paul pulled, have actively and heavily critiqued the 27-year-old YouTube icon.

So, what are your thoughts on the upcoming bout between the fighters of two entirely different generations? Drop them in the comments.

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