Ronda Rousey certain to never return to WWE labeling the organization ‘sh*tshow’

Amidst the launch of her second memoir, Ronda Rousey is opened up about her experiences in the years spent in WWE. And she did not hold back when talking about the organization and its past CEO.

Ronda quit WWE last year following her loss in the SummerSlam. Since then, she has been wrestling on the independent circuit. Now it seems she won’t be returning to the WWE after the latest statement went live.

Ronda Rousey makes it clear she’s unlikely to return to WWE

The former two-time WWE women’s champion is busy promoting her new book, Our Fight. In between, she appeared on the podcast, sharing interesting stories about the book and how it came to be.

During an interview on the podcast Never Before Told, she labeled WWE as an ‘absolute sh*tshow’ for holding her captive with her career and dictating her progression over their terms. That’s when she revealed that a return is never on the cards, and she wants nothing from the organization now.

“How much of an absolute sh*tshow it is at the WWE… I don’t need anything from them and I don’t intend on going back,” she said.

She was also highly critical of WWE’s treatment of women and spoke about former CEO Vince McMahon. She was unsure if his persona in the ring and the numerous allegations backstage were the same person just acting it out.

Her altercations against John Laurinaitis also made an appearance in her statement. She was quick to point out that, even though the beef in WWE was made up, her run-in with the former WWE CEO was very real. She had a lot of things to add about it, but her contract of 90,000 words for her book was what prevented her from delving into that subject. 

Becky Lynch blasts Crybaby Ronda Rousey

Another WWE superstar, meanwhile, had strong words for her reaction to Ronda Rousey’s allegations. Becky Lynch said the former UFC champion was disrespectful to all the wrestlers and the whole WWE.

She went on to say that Ronda Rousey was handed everything when she arrived at the WWE, appeared in the promotional materials, and rose to stardom with her performances. Just now, when her schedule does not align with the organization, she is ‘crying in her kitchen’ and making all the complaints.

Becky also brought up the grueling nature of WWE, where they spent the majority of the weeks each year traveling all over the country while doing the shows in different states. She adds that it’s her love for WWE that makes her choose the profession, despite it taking a toll on the wrestlers.

Now that The Man has spoken about her thoughts on Ronda Rousey’s take on WWE, things will definitely heat up between the two. They have a history in WWE where both champions feuded over the WWE Championships. It will be interesting to see what Ronda Rousey has to say about this statement.

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