Jake Paul unfazed by Mike Tyson’s sparring footage shows age defying skills at 57

Jake Paul stunned the combat sports community earlier this week when he announced that heavyweight boxing icon Tyson would be his next opponent. Iron will be 58 years old when they square off on June 20 on Netflix. He last fought more than three and a half years ago in an exhibition draw against Roy Jones Jr.

During a recent photo shoot for his upcoming boxing bout against Jake Paul, Tyson made his first appearance, striking a heavy bag since the bout was declared. Boxing writer Michael Benson reposted the video on Twitter, which gained a lot of traction. Jake Paul and fans made comments on the video, saying negative things about Mike.

Jake Paul not impressed with Mike Tyson’s sparring

Mike Tyson recently unveiled footage of his intense training sessions, aiming to dissuade Jake Paul from considering a potential fight. Tyson intended to showcase his formidable skills and determination, perhaps hoping to remind Paul of the daunting challenge he would face. Despite Tyson’s best efforts, Jake Paul remained unfazed and showed no signs of backing down.

This lack of response from Paul could stem from various reasons, such as confidence in his own abilities, viewing Tyson’s training as irrelevant, or seeing the potential fight as an opportunity for publicity.

Nevertheless, Tyson’s release of training footage adds to the ongoing speculation surrounding a possible matchup between the two fighters. Only time will reveal whether Paul will indeed step into the ring with Tyson and how such a confrontation would unfold.

Mike Tyson shows off shredded body before Jake Paul bout

Mike Tyson just demonstrated that he is still ripped at his age, despite all the criticism he has received for being older and for being spotted in a wheelchair or cane. Despite having only begun training for the bout against Jake Paul on July 20, Mike Tyson appears chiseled and in good shape in a recent video that he shared on social media.

It is still known that, despite his advanced age, Tyson always becomes quite serious upon arriving at camp. Mike Tyson will be ready for battle and people shouldn’t undervalue him, even when he is experiencing severe back pain. Recent footage of him striking the bag demonstrates that he still possesses some of the familiar speed.

People have been reacting with mixed feelings to this physique revealed on social media:

A few others admired Mike’s effort, though, and shared funny videos and memes.

Do you think Jake can beat the legendary Iron Mike Tyson? Or do you think that he will lose to a mere YouTube boxer, considering his age? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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