Jake Paul’s curiosity peaks wants to test ‘how hard he hits’ ahead of Mike Tyson bout

Jake Paul, who rose to stardom as an influencer for the youth alongside his brother, has completely changed the trajectory of his life. He now finds himself as one of the most talked-about names in the world of combat sports, as he has shifted all of his focus into becoming a potential world-class boxer.

Jake has faced off against a few legends in his career so far, but no one expected who he would go up against in July. Paul is set to face one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mike Tyson, to the shock and disapproval of many. Although the fight may be controversial in nature, it will undoubtedly be the biggest bout in Paul’s career so far.

Jake Paul wants to see Mike Tyson’s punching power

Ahead of the mega matchup, Jake Paul has gone public to express his curiosity about Tyson’s punching power at 57 years of age. The renowned boxer has started his training camp for Paul and appears to be in phenomenal shape for his age.

A recent report has emerged, claiming Tyson’s punching power to still be a force not to be reckoned with ahead of his fight with Paul. Jake Paul himself did not spare the opportunity of demonstrating his punch power as well.

In a recent appearance with influencer Adin Ross, ‘The Problem Child’ landed a body blow on the influencer, which knocked him to the ground, as he was in visible pain. Paul later went on to claim that the punch was landed only at ‘ten per cent’ of his full power.

Jake Paul reveals his next opponent after Mike Tyson

Being as ambitious as Jake Paul is, he went on his podcast and spoke about what his future might look like following the Tyson fight. He first stated that before approaching Tyson, his team had approached Tommy Fury for a rematch fight, which the British boxer seemingly declined.

That fight is most likely on Paul’s radar as it stands as his only loss to date. Later in the episode, Jake Paul targeted Ryan Garcia, with whom he has had past and recent conflicts. He referred to a potential matchup with Garcia and said, “He actually thinks he can win, and I’d love to deflate his little 130 pounds.”

Whether you hate or love Jake Paul, his dedication towards growing his popularity and business is commendable. Being as sharp as he is, it won’t be a surprise to see Paul feature in more massive matchups in the coming future.


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