KSI and boxing community raised the same issue about Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing match: “No one wanted this”

The transition of former YouTube sensation Jake Paul to a professional boxer led the entire space of YouTube to change with the recent concept of crossover boxing. But ‘The Problem Child’ has now reached levels of fame and attention that have boiled over to the world of pro boxing, forcing boxing purists to be well acquainted with his name.

After recently hailing victorious over Ryan Bourland, Paul has successfully brought a fantasy fight into fruition that no one ever thought could possibly happen.

Boxing community raises concern over Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

Although securing a fight with Mike Tyson himself has propelled Jake Paul towards being a bigger headline than he’s possibly ever been, the reactions from the majority of the boxing community to the bout has been rather negative. Fans have expressed their disapproval of this match being scheduled, most importantly for Tyson’s age. Paul may share the ring with a legend, but that legend’s glory days are well behind him. He is now in his 50’s, long removed from the world of combat. The sanctioning of this fight has not only been unappreciated by fans, but it has also raised serious concerns by figures involved in the fight game.

Allowing a 58-year-old veteran like Mike Tyson to enter the ring with a 27-year-old boxer in his physical prime can be potentially dangerous for Tyson’s health. But an even bigger question than why the fight got scheduled in the first place is where Paul plans to go from here. Fighting Mike Tyson will still make the whole world tune in, but a win over such an aged fighter won’t benefit Paul’s resume much. Jake’s longtime rival KSI commented on the fight, claiming “no one wanted this.”

How old are Jake Paul’s pro-boxing opponents?

Ever since turning pro as a boxer, Jake Paul has not been shy about laying down his plans to potentially become a boxing world champion one day in front of the whole world. But it has been rather difficult for the public to get behind his roadmap and show support, mainly for the resume he’s built. Delving deeper into Paul’s record will actually show the lack of true competition and adversity in his fights. He has predominantly faced retired MMA legends like Ben Askren, Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Nate Diaz, who were not only unacquainted with real boxing, but also aged like Mike Tyson, being well beyond their prime. The only pro boxer in his prime whom Paul faced was Tommy Fury, who handed him his only loss.

If Paul is really as serious about becoming a true boxing great as he aspires to be, he would have to take a step back from the path he’s walked on so far, and take on active boxers who are well prepared to have it on, and only then can he shut down all the critics.


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