Tommy Fury passes Jake Paul to secure top spot in DAZN’s pound-for-pound crossover boxing rankings angering KSI’s manager

Tommy Fury has reached the pinnacle of the influencer boxing scene. He recently defeated KSI and Jake Paul, the two most famous figures in the field, which firmly established his position as the number one pound-for-pound boxer.

Recently, DAZN unveiled their rankings, and it came as no surprise that Tommy claimed the top spot there as well. However, DAZN’s top five rankings sparked controversy, leading to frustration and anger among many fans.

Tommy Fury tops DAZN’s P4P crossover boxing rankings

Tommy Fury has secured the coveted number one spot in DAZN’s Pound-for-Pound (P4P) crossover boxing rankings, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of influencer boxing. This impressive achievement comes on the heels of Tommy Fury’s victories over the two most famous influencers-turned-boxers, Jake Paul and KSI. These wins have not only bolstered his reputation but also shaken up the entire landscape of crossover boxing.

Tommy Fury’s journey to the top began with his resounding victory over Jake Paul, a feat that captured the attention of both boxing purists and the influencer boxing community. He followed this up with a hard-fought victory over KSI, further solidifying his position as a dominant force in the ring. DAZN’s P4P crossover boxing rankings also featured notable names like Anthony Taylor, Salt Papi, KSI, and Jake Paul, making it clear that Tommy Fury had to overcome formidable competition to secure his place at the pinnacle of the list.

This significant achievement not only showcases Tommy Fury’s commitment to the sport but also stands as proof of the growing popularity and credibility of influencer boxing. As the sport continues to progress, fans can anticipate more thrilling matchups and surprising developments in the world of crossover boxing, with Tommy Fury now reigning supreme in the ring.

In this exciting era of crossover boxing, Tommy Fury’s rise to the top of DAZN’s P4P rankings signifies a new chapter in the sport’s history, demonstrating that talent and determination can transcend conventional boundaries and create stars in unexpected places.

KSI’s manager reacts to DAZN’s P4P rankings

KSI’s manager recently expressed his frustration and disagreement with DAZN’s Pound-for-Pound (P4P) crossover boxing rankings. Following the release of the rankings, KSI found himself in the fourth position, a decision that left his camp disgruntled and vowing to set the record straight. In a statement, KSI’s manager announced that the rankings were “all wrong” and promised a shake-up after the upcoming DAZN X Misfits 011 event.

KSI’s presence in the influencer boxing scene has been nothing short of electrifying, with his bouts drawing enormous viewership and international attention. His manager’s reaction to the rankings has reignited the debate surrounding the credibility of P4P rankings in crossover boxing, sparking intense discussions among fans and experts alike. While KSI’s manager expressed anger over the placement, he remains confident in his fighter’s abilities and promises to prove the rankings wrong in the ring.

With DAZN X Misfits 011 on the horizon, the stage is set for a chance of bringing a change in the crossover boxing rankings. The event promises to be an exciting spectacle, and fans are eagerly anticipating the outcomes that may have a profound impact on the world of influencer boxing. As the dust settles, it remains to be seen whether KSI can use this discontent as motivation to further solidify his position in the P4P rankings or if DAZN’s list will indeed see a significant shake-up.

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