Deji Olatunji highlights boxing corruption in Tommy Fury’s decision win vs KSI amid score correction

The Misfits 010 event has attracted a lot of attention, both during and after the event. Several decisions made during the event, including the final result of the main event, sparked controversy among viewers.

The bout between KSI and Tommy Fury was highly competitive, with both fighters giving their all for six rounds. Surprisingly, the judges awarded the victory to Tommy via a majority decision. This decision left many viewers shocked, as they believed KSI should have won the fight.

Deji claims judges protected “Fury” name

The fight between KSI, also known as ‘The Nightmare,’ and Tommy ‘TNT’ Fury was incredibly close. They landed nearly an equal number of shots during the six rounds the fight lasted. It was a contest that left viewers uncertain about the outcome.

Both corners appeared confident of securing the victory after the fight, but many spectators believed that KSI should have won. Tommy Fury had a point deducted for hitting KSI on the back of his head on multiple occasions.

Deji, KSI’s younger brother, was also present at the event and appeared visibly shocked by the choice. He expressed concern that the boxing world might not welcome a YouTube boxer defeating a professional boxer.

Deji further elaborated on his belief that the judges might have been influenced to protect the Fury name, which holds significant power in the boxing world. He argued that if KSI had won, it could have been seen as a mockery of the sport. Professional boxer Chris Eubank shared a similar perspective.

KSI vs Fury scores altered

KSI was going to appeal to the PBA about the way the fight had been scored, he and a lot of his fans were hopeful that the decision given on that night may get overturned.

There has been a recent update regarding the same, but this is not what KSI or his fans had hoped for, turns out there was a calculation error by the judge who called the fight a draw.

It turns out that the first judge had also scored the bout the same, which was 57-56 to Fury. This mean that the fight was no longer a judges majority decision rather was a unanimous decision victory for Tommy. This news is sure to upset KSI and a lot of his fans.

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