Tommy Fury’s win over KSI was corrected from majority to unanimous decision as fans make Jake Paul fight comparison

Tommy Fury emerged victorious over KSI in a result that many consider highly controversial. KSI, however, firmly believes he won the fight. This perspective is not unique to the YouTuber-turned-boxer; it is shared by Chris Eubank Jr., Eddie Hearn, and the majority of the boxing world.

Following the heavy debate on social media, the outcome of the fight has been corrected from a majority decision win to a unanimous decision victory for Tommy Fury.

Tommy Fury’s win over KSI was corrected from majority to unanimous decision

In a recent correction issued by the organizers of the event, it was announced that Tyson Fury’s younger brother had won with a unanimous decision after it was revealed that one of the judge’s scorecards had been read incorrectly.

When the match ended, each of the judges had scored Fury higher than KSI. However, there was an error in the reading of one judge’s card, specifically Rafael Ramos’s, which incorrectly tallied the contest as a draw, despite Tommy having a better score. This error has now been rectified, and the fight has been declared in Fury’s favor with a unanimous decision, as opposed to the majority win initially announced on the night of October 14.

Whether it was a spit decision or a unanimous decision, the result remains against KSI and the result isn’t welcomed by the YouTuber-turned-boxer. In an interview with Arial Helwani and Chris Eubank Jr. after the fight, KSI expressed his disappointment with the scoring and argued that he landed more shots and boxed better. KSI quoted the fight as a “robbery.”

Boxing fans compares KSI’s performance vs Tommy Fury with Jake Paul

There is nothing in common between KSI and Jake Paul but the fact that they have both fought Tommy Fury and lost. The younger Paul brother has engaged in a lot of altercations with the British rapper and boxer. A potential bout between the two has been in negotiations for years now but there are talks that the fight may not happen ever.

To determine who would’ve won in a bout between Jake Paul and KSI is very tough without the two actually fighting. However, comparing both of their performance against their common rival Tommy Fury gives a vague idea and that’s exactly what the boxing fans are doing online.

A fan compared Jake Paul’s performance against Tommy with KSI’s performance against the Love Island star. They emphasized that there are different levels in this sport by pointing out that Paul lost by split decision, whereas KSI lost by unanimous decision. Additionally, they highlighted that Paul managed to knock down Fury, while KSI appeared to hug Fury throughout the fight. Although KSI has expressed a desire for a rematch, TNT stated that he’s finished with crossover boxing but remains open to facing any of the Paul brothers

Tell us in the comments what you make of the controversial result of the Fury KSI fight. Do you think that KSI was robbed or Fury was the better man that night?


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