Why hasn’t the Jake Paul vs KSI bout taken place yet? Mams Taylor reveals insightful details

Jake Paul and KSI have been feuding for years now. The YouTube-turned-boxer rivalry began when English YouTuber KSI challenged Logan Paul, Jake’s older brother, to a boxing match in 2018.

Since then, Jake and KSI have had conflicts, both physically and online, spanning three years. Many influencer boxing fans have been eager to see these two internet personalities face off in a match. However, there’s a high chance that this bout may never happen.

Why Jake Paul vs KSI seems very unlikely?

The desire to see Jake Paul face off against KSI in the boxing ring is widespread among fans. However, in reality, the chances of this fight happening are slim to none. Despite both fighters engaging in trash talk on social media and in person, when it comes to actually stepping into the boxing ring against each other, both YouTuber-turned-boxers appear to avoid the bout.

The thought process of Jake Paul is that he is eager to build his name yet he doesn’t owe KSI any favors considering that the British Boxer pulled out of the first fight. Jake also seems to talk trash online and call out KSI but he also seems to avoid the fight.

Furthermore, Jake Paul aspires to be a world champion, and considering that the American influencer started boxing 5 years back, Paul’s aspirations are unlikely to be achieved. Paul also claims to think that he could take Canelo Alvarez in a boxing match, three years down the line.

Mams Taylor claims Jake Paul allegedly turned down the KSI fight

KSI’s boxing coach Mams Taylor has revealed that Jake Paul turned down the fight against KSI even after years of desiring it. KSI’s coach claims that the younger Paul brother instead decided to fight Nate Diaz. According to Mams Taylor, the pair had everything in place to fight after Jake’s loss to Tommy but he changed his mind. 

In an interview with True Geordie, Taylor revealed that Jake disagreed to fight KSI at the very last moment when everything was agreed upon. The excuse that Paul gave for not fighting KSI was that he wanted to avenge his loss against Fury by fighting a bigger name like Nate Diaz.

Taylor also revealed that the fight was set to take place on December 3 in Cardiff at the Principality Stadium. Things like the weight and undercard had also been put in place, with Jake’s side wanting Amanda Serrano to be in the co-main event.

Tell us in the comments your thoughts on the never-ending drama between Jake Paul and KSI. Do you think the boxing fans will ever get to witness these two fighting each other in the boxing ring?


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